Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween


Well this week was super duper awesome!! I am loving Parque Bristol just as much as ever and loving working with Sister Sobrinho! Sister Sobrinho is from Recife e has been in the field for 5 months! She has 23 years and one older brother that served in Rio. She has been a member since she has been 2 so basically grew up in the church. She is super sweet and loves to talk! I am super excited to work with her this transfer! 

Anyways this week was filled with meetings, meetings and more meetings. I participated in the conselho de liderança(leadership training) with Presidente Broadbent and the resto of the sister leaders and líderes de zona. We talked a lot about how we can help the other missionaries keep up the animo(mood?) even when everything else around isn't going to well. We talked about how como líderes, we need to lead by example just like Jesus Cristo was a perfect example for us by what He did. Really everything that Cristo did for us and showed us is for our own benefit to help us here on the earth. He lead the way, showed that it was not easy but that it was possible. And as leaders, we need to do the same. We are here to show the others that although being in the field can be hard, we can find hope and animo to continue to work and find those who are searching for the gospel because there is always someone. 

Courtney with Sister Silva
Speaking of this, Sunday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting about missionary work (who would have ever guessed kkkk)! I talked about how every member is a missionary and how we as members have something that is more precious than pearls to offer to everyone, which is the gospel. Realmente we know of the joy that the gospel brings in our lives, because we know of the love that our Heavenly Father has for us and His plano. We have an esperança that one day, we can live with Him juntamente com nossas famílias(together with our families). And everyone else? Do we want them to know what we do? Know that one day they too can have their family for eternity? That after this life, it doesn't end? Do we want them to feel the happiness we feel because of the gospel? In the last general conferência, Elder Oaks invited every one of us to pray for opportunities to share the gospel. I know that for some it doesn't come natural but the Lord promised us in D&C 100 that in the momento, everything that we need to say will come to us through the Holy Ghost. And guys, just know that this is true. Has happened to me countless number of times. 

Great news!!!!!! Isac's mom, Maria wants to be baptized! When we first started to teach her, her desire wasn't too grand but after going to church a few times and seeing Isac's life change, her desire began to grow. And yesterday when we went there, she asked us to explain sobre o batismo because was a bit confused. She asked if she would need to be baptized again since she already had been and that's when we explained tudo real simples e claro(all simply and carefully). At the end, she looked at us and asked if she could do the same. If she could be baptized just like Cristo foi and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Oh man did we get super excited and said yes! All she has to do is stop smoking (that will be a bit harder because she has been smoking for a while, but she saw how Isac stopped and knows that it is possível). She is super determined so we know that it will dar certo! 

Welp that's about it! Hope you all have a semana that is out of this world!!! Love you all!! 

Sister Hilchie :)  

The Reunion - LOVE IT!!

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