Thursday, November 9, 2017


Well guys, remind me never to ride a motorcycle kkkk. But seriously, we went to the hospital yesterday to pray and give messages about Christ and there were a few people there because of motorcycle accidents. One lady showed us a picture of her husband, and it looked like a bear had gone and eaten parts of his leg and arm. But all in all, it went well, we were able to bring some smiles to their faces, so that is always worth it.
And as I was talking with one young man, he told me that he had not gone to church in a while, still believed in God and all, just was not going to church. But it appeared to me that the accident that happened (a milagre,(miracle) he just scraped up his foot in a motorcycle accident) had humbled him sufficient so that God could touch his heart. And in our lives, does this ever happen? Of course it does, we need to be humble so that we can become closer to God, one way or another. And if we humble ourselves before God and accept His will, all things will work for our good! I promise that as we all become more humble, we will be able to see the great blessings God has in store for us and we will be able to overcome all of life´s challenges
Love you guys!! Hope all goes well!!!!!
com amor
Elder Hilchie

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Well guys, there is a fruit called a jaca (I sent a picture of one that is still green) it is a fruit that is ginormous, and there was a tree with it, it is literally the biggest fruit I have ever seen, and it just grows in a tree until one day when it falls, and you have to be careful that one does not land on you. I thought it was very interesting, but have yet to eat one.

But I would like to talk about the Atonement of Christ, the power by which we can be cleansed completely of all that we do. It can and will change our very nature so that we can become pure and full of light and joy and peace and hope. It is like Elder Holland said, you cannot sink lower than the light of the Atonement of Christ shines. You can always have hope that you can be cleansed of all the wrongs and hurts of the world. I know that anything and everything can be healed through the power of this everlasting Atonement, we just need to reach out and ask Him for it.
Love you guys!!!!!! Let me know how everything goes!!!!
com amor
Elder Hilchie

Small Miracles

Well. This week we had a funny experience, not actually funny but you know... well while we were in the street we stopped one guy who we felt we needed to invite to church, so we invited him and said to meet us in the front of the superstore. The next day (Sunday) we went there and there he was waiting for us. Went to church and everything just because we did as the Spirit prompted.

so guys, miracles exist, they might just be small ones like this story here, or they might be spectacular, but they happen every day, there is no such thing as coincidence, everything has a reason, it is all in the hands of our loving God, who is making sure that His plan for eternal happiness happens. I know that as we do as we need to, He will bless us and guide us.
Love you guys!!!!! Hope everything goes awesome!!!!
com amor
Elder Hilchie

He walks up to 12 miles a day, here are a pair of shoes he has gone through!  They had tire tread for soles!!  Working Hard!!  He does have another pair and we are sending a back up pair!