Monday, November 14, 2016


After the rain

We have entered into what is known as the rainy season, probably… it’s just been raining a lot... Well not a lot has happened this week, just Trump got elected; he is a worldwide phenomenon. So I walked a lot this week, one day I’m pretty sure I walked 13+ miles.  Been on splits with a fellow American, which is good because he can understand English.

A Mango
Oh, and ALL Brazilians have this circular scar on their right arm (because of the polio vaccine) just an observation. And you know the movie Rio and all that crazy driving that goes on in it? That’s exactly what it’s like here, especially with motorcycles, just swerving in and out, passing at will, and everyone ignores stop signs and most speed bumps. And last night when we were walking there was a stray dog that started to follow us. It followed us for about a mile. It was pretty great.

Word for the week serpente voadora flamejante- fiery flying serpent
Love you all miss you!!!!!
Elder Hilchie​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Ty's companion in the apartment

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