Monday, November 7, 2016

Familias poderao ser eternas! (Families can be together Forever!)

OI FAMÍLIA!!!!!!! 

Another fun photo of Court and Ty!!
Well I am sitting here trying to remember what happened this week and really nothing out of the ordinary, spectacular happened this week. Just another wonderfully normal missionary week. But this week, we did start to teach a lot of families! And so the theme of this week was that our families can be together forever! Até sacramento meeting and the family home evenings that we had this week were based around this. So I really got to thinking about it. And wow it is such a huge blessing for us as members of the church! To know that after this life, we will be able to ficar with our famílias forever....for eternidade! I love how through the gospel, this is possible. 

We taught one family em particular that was a referência dum membro(member reference) (Fernanda e Renan). This family, that consists of dad (Lucas), mom (Mariana) and their daughter (Manuella who has 2 years). Lucas is Renan's brother and is already a member of the church but was less active. But after a really cool experiência that he had, he decided to come back to church and this time bring the whole family. They came to church Sunday and really enjoyed it and then later that night we had a noite familiar(family night) with them, Fernanda e Renan and his parents (who are also membros). And once again, talked about eternal families. And once they got talking, it didn't stop. Everyone got super excited and started to make plans so that they could enter into the templo to be sealed. Lucas and Mariana are not married but last night made the decision that they were going to get right on that so that Mariana can be baptized and one year later, enter into the templo. I know that our families can be eternas and that one day we can live with our loving Heavenly Father juntamente(along with) with the people we love the most por eternidade(forever)! I love the gospel of Jesus Cristo and how it really helps us to have more hope for the future!

Well guys, I'm sorry but I think that's about it. Sister Sobrinho and I are doing just wonderfully great and loving working here in Parque Bristol! The members are also starting to help a lot more and this is a huge help for us. We are having two family home evenings each semana(week), which helps our investigators get to know someone and feel more comfortable in going to church, and they are helping us pick up our investigators to bring them to church. And we are loving this! I know that when the ward and missionaries work together, the work goes a lot more smoothly and quickly. And as members, we are all called to help. To help those that ainda(still) don't know, get to know the gospel and all it has to offer. We are all one in this work. We have one purpose and so it makes sense to work together! As missionaries, we appreciate muito everything that the members do for us each and every day. You guys are a great help! Thanks so much!

Love you all and have the most wonderfully awesome week ever!

Sister Hilchie :)

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