Monday, January 23, 2017

Gravata (ties)

I don’t have a good title for this week haha.
Well this week I got a new companion and he is pretty good. He is a good worker but a bit reserved. And so this week we went to the hospital because a person asked for us to give a blessing to their child. He was pretty cute, 3 years old. So we gave the blessing and afterwards while my comp was talking to the mother, the kid looked at me, I smiled at him and then he started laughing and smiling haha. Definitely brightened my day.
 So I was reading in Helaman(Book of Mormon) chapter 14(I think) talking about how God blesses the Nephites with wealth and prosperity, but they turn orgulho(proud) and iniquios(iniquity) and don’t turn to God, but instead worship their wealth. And how in our lives we receive a lot of blessings, but sometimes we don’t thank God for them and we turn more prideful in our strength and wisdom when it is actually the power of God that we should be thanking, for He has given us everything.
I love you guys!!!! Can’t wait to hear from all of you!!!!

Elder Hilchie

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Well guys, first off I want to wish my sister good luck with the next part of her journey, I wish her the absolute best!!!
Today is transfers, and I am getting a novo companheiro, finally done with the primero 12 semanas haha. 
So, we have been teaching 2 netos(grandchildren) de uma membro, it was going really well, on date por batismo, but then the day before the batismo, the parents decided them were going to move to Belo Horizonte, and so they left... it was quite sad, but life goes on, and em no futuro, eles vai por batismo e o reino do ceu.(in their future they will be able to be baptized into the kingdom of heaven)
Well guys, I know you can have felicidade em todos as lugars e em todos os tempos(happiness in all that you do always), atraves o Expiaçao do Senhor, porque Ele sente nossos dores, afliçoes, sofrimentos, todos(because of the atonement of Jesus Christ). mas we need to turn to Him por todos, and He will make everything right, for His burden is light 
Love you guys, can’t wait to hear from you all!!!!! Wish you guys the BEST!!!!
com Amor
Elder Hilchie

Monday, January 9, 2017

2 Emails, 1 Blog

Jan 2,2017
Not a lot of time today, I always run out of time. Well, a bit happened this week, and when I have more time, I’ll make sure to tell you all about it. This week was interesting, it’s been getting steadily hotter, and more bugs, but its good. Ano Novo was interesting, lots of fireworks during the whole day and a ton at 12am. Did a lot of contactos this week, and I think people are starting to intende(understand) me haha. Well, I hope you all have a fantastic week!! Hope all is well, let me know how it’s going!!!
Com Amor
Elder Hilchie

Jan. 9, 2017
I’m going to do better with these emails guys, stories and whatnot; make my email interesting por all of you. So, por contactos, we have been using puzzles to help teach people to think different, and it’s a great way to get in the door and make them think different. Been teaching these kids who skate around the praza, they are really nice and receptive to us. It’s really strange porque you look at a person with lots of tattoos smoking a cigarette and think, there’s no way he would receive this message sobre Jesus Cristo. But then you talk to him, and he’s really nice and you teach him, and it’s all good. That’s when you realize everyone is a child of God, and that’s why we are here, to help them receive what has been promised to them, the kingdom of God.

Story: well, there’s a lot of random thunder storms that happen, so we were standing at a doorway that leads to an apartment, waiting for someone to answer, hear some thunder off in the distance, then Boom, really close. Looking at the doorway hoping someone will come very soon, then suddenly BOOOOM!!!! My companion starts pushing me through the doorway while closing the umbrella. Turns out the doorbell we needed to ring was inside, ended up teaching a bom liçoe.

     I love you guys!!! I love hearing from you all! I hope you like my emails!!! Let me know if anyone else wants them!
Com Amor
Elder Hilchie