Monday, September 26, 2016

Tyler Provo MTC

Tyler and Cole Mulberry, a Friend from home!
The MTC is good, just a lot of stuff to do; like memorizing the first vision, baptismal invite, how to pray, testify, the mission purpose and a lot of other stuff. It’s crazy how much you learn here. I really like it here, I have the best district EVER!!!!! They are amazing. I’m sending pictures with this email. Yeah, trusting in the Lord is hard, but totally worth it, He can do so many things with you if you learn to trust in him. Man, all that is pretty dang awesome!!!! The madlibs thing you sent was awesome(The primary kids did a missionary mad libs page)! We had quite the laugh about those. Tell the Cross Country team to keep up the good work, they'll do fantastic!!

  I’m going to see if I can tell a story. So, Martel is a Canadian and his dad is a pro arm wrestler, (Martel is about my size) so we got him to arm wrestle someone and he lost, so as a consequence, we sang him the Star Spangled Banner. He ran off to his room and to the Canadian flag: he put up, but we dragged him back out. It was pretty funny. Also one of the guys is an opera singer, and so now every night we go and sing a hymn, usually going past quiet time. We also figured out we could pogo with the metal ladders in our room and that our nametags make great musical instruments! I’ve seen Cole a few times, need to get a picture with him though. Having a lot of fun!!! Love you guys!!!!!!
Elder Hilchie​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Mom’s PS:  I told Tyler he had to write a story every letter and I wanted more than 3 sentences when he wrote! 

14 Meses....


How's it goin?! I hope you all are super duper fantastic because we sure are!! This week was a little bit slow to start off with but we ended up flying high this final de semana.(weekend) 

Desde thursday (two weeks ago) until this Friday, Sister Lima was not good at all--in a lot of pain--and still not able to sit nor walk. And since everyone in our ward works during the week, we both ended up staying home. Sister Lima slept a lot while I studied, tried new recipes, and took care of missionary business. To be honest, it was kind of hard to stay in home (especially towards the end of the week) but now we are doing just wonderfully great and ready to work a lot this week! 

So this week wasn't too interesting but this weekend was! We had the baptism of Juliana (Ju)!!! Ju is a very special person! She was introduced to the church by a member (side note: this member's name is Andressa who is the same age as Ju and goes to our ward here in Parque Bristol) when she has 13 years but didn't really have any interest in learning more. It wasn't until Andressa invited her to a church dance (which she went to and loved) that she decided she wanted to learn more. She starting going to church with Andressa desde Fevereiro(last February) and finally was baptized this past Saturday. Ever since the missionaries started teaching her, she wanted to be baptized but since she only had 17 years, her parents had to sign the baptismal record but decided not to, we had to wait for her to turn 18 so that she could sign it herself. Her parents are the traditional Catholic family are didn't support her a lot when she started to frequentar the church. But after muito tempo, they started to relax and participated in her baptism!!! We were super excited to see them walk in the room to watch their daughter make her first covenant with the Lord. After Ju came out of the waters of batismo, she gave her mom a hug and the tears started to fall. It was super sweet to see her mom feel the Spirit and realize that this was the right thing for Ju to do. And now her mom is asking her if she will be serving a mission because she thinks it would be good for Ju haha! Ah it was a great day full of love and happiness and muito muito support of the members! (Almost the whole ala was there for her baptism since she has been coming for almost seven months)

We watched General Woman's Conference was this Sunday and it was awesome!! I remember one year ago when I watched General Conferência for the first time in Portuguese and hardly understood a thing and here we are again but this time, understanding a whole lot more! Once talk that I really liked was by Sister Carole Stephens. She talked a lot about the Atonement and how everyone needs it in their lives. It is through the Atonement that we can be cured completely. Christ doesn't like to see us suffer here on earth and would do anything to help us or relieve us from these pains and sufferings but He already has. During the Atonement, He suffered tanto for each and everyone of us. Each one of us came to His mind as He suffered and bled from every pore. He loves us so much that He took on our sicknesses, our sins, our weaknesses so that He could help us during these momentos. He knows what we are feeling. He understands completely. So when we are down and discouraged and don't know where we can tirar hope or comfort, look towards the Savior and He will help you. 

I hope you all are super excited for General Conferência this weekend!!! Have a super fantastic week and don't forget to smile!!!! Love you all!!!

Sister Hilchie   

Helping Hands, service day

Monday, September 19, 2016

Tyler's First Week!!

 Note:  I am piggybacking Courtney with Tyler's letters.  She has 4 more months so I will keep this account for Tyler as well. Familiar and easy to use!!  Enjoy!!

He is in Provo waiting for his visa.  I will post his Brazil address when he goes to Brazil.  His email is 

Yeah, I have pday today, which is great! And so are those times,(Cross Country) and they’ll just get faster and faster. I am really busy like all the time, whether its in class or studying outside of class. Mainly Portuguese, but like spiritual Portuguese. The food is good, especially considering there are a couple thousand of people here they have to feed. The drop went really well, I didn’t even cry haha. Actually, 500 people entered the MTC that day, it was crazy busy, but awesome. I am going to get exercise time every day, just the first two days have weird schedules. I actually did go on a run this week, only like 2-3 miles though. i am the only Elder currently in our district going to Brazil, one just left for Manaus, his name was Elder Collins. One sister is going to Brazil as well, and everyone else is going to Cape Verde, Mozambique and Angola. Both my companions are going to Mozambique and Angola. They are pretty great, really funny and spiritual. (yes, I’m in a trio) one is from Norway, but doesn’t have an accent and the other is from Utah. I am in one of the residences, although I do visit the main building for meals. The MTC is great, really hard but super fun! Love you!!!!!
Love Elder Hilchie 
Tyler, Grandpa and Royal at the drop off

Oh, and I am pretty sure I meet Elder Smiths twin; he talked, acted and looked exactly like elder smith, and his name was smith. Also meet some guy who is a really good singer and does all sorts of music videos. oh, story time, so I walked into Portuguese class the first day, and the teacher was speaking Portuguese(surprising right?) so I sit down and he starts asking me questions in Portuguese, and I’m just looking at him like what the heck are you saying, then he would point at the board to the question he had written down and I had to respond in Portuguese, thing is that for 3 hours, he didn’t say a word of English, I was so lost. But the next day when I went back, I understood a lot more Portuguese than I thought I had got and suddenly I was fluent! haha jk, I wish. nah, but I’m definitely picking it up super quick, like I can say simple prayers and give verryyyyyy basic lessons. Oh, that’s right, we had to teach someone the third day we were here, in Portuguese, and she didn’t say anything in English either. But again we went back the next day and we could actually somewhat understand (just a few words) and could reply in very basic and broken Portuguese. it’s really fun though, loving it!