Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Officially Approved!


Wow it has already been another week full of all the fun things missionaries do at the CTM!! Actually this week has been a bit more exciting than every other week if you can believe it! 

Last Thursday our zone took a field trip to the police station! wootwoot! You would not believe the line-up at the police came out the building and wrapped around the sidewalk for a good distance (I´m not good at estimating distances so just trust me when I said the line was LONG)! We probably waited a good 15 minutes before we got in the doors. Anyways, we had to get our fingerprints scanned again, and the authorities checked our visas and stamped them. So I guess I have officially been welcomed and authorized by Brazil!!!! :) 

Now if you thought that was fun then you´re in for a surprise because Friday was even better! My professor took us out on the streets of São Paulo with 4 Livros de Mórmon each, and we were able to experience proselyting! It was an incredible experience! Not only was it awesome talking to real possible investigators, it was even more awesome to see some of them completely light up and seen genuinely interested in our message and o Livro de Mórmon. One guy in particular seemed a bit standoffish when we first approached him but once we handed him the LDM and started talking about Christ, his frown turned upside down, and he was smiling all around! He was asking perguntas. making comments, and seemed genuinely happy and interested! Wow proselyting was such a different and neat experience that totally made me even more anxious to get into the field. Eu sei que o Livro de Mórmon e verdadeiro e contam os palavras de Deus. Eu sei que o Livro de Mórmon vai ajuda nos com nossos problemas e perguntas as we search them diligentemente and com an open heart e mind. I am so greatful for this book in my life and for the great knowledge and wisdom it gives me each time I read it! 

Also this week--as we were walking down the street--we saw this horse drawn carriage but instead of seeing people in the carriage like you normally would, it was full of scrap wood! LOL! Okay so as I am writing this, I realize it will probably not be the least bit funny to you but to a missionary who has been out of the real world for a month, the smallest and simplest things crack me up!

Our zone went to the São Paulo temple today, and can I just say that it was absolutely stunning inside?! I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to go to the temple once a week while in the CTM and then every three months while in the field!  I am so grateful for temples and the peace and comfort I feel when within the walls. 

I love you all so so so much and pray for you daily! Have a fantastically awesome week! 

Sister Hilchie :) 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Brasil CTM

Oi Familia e Amigos!

         I am writing just to let you all know that after 27 hours of travel, I finally made it to Brasil last Wednesday! And let me just tell you, not only are the people super kind and generous, but the food is delicious and fresh and the views--breathtaking! As we flew into São Paulo, the sun was rising and man it was beyond beautiful!

        My companion is still Sister Hubert and for the most part, our district stayed together! WOOHOO!! This past week has flown by! I have just studied and learned and learned and studied some more. My professors are way good even with them only speaking Portuguese 24/7 and me only understanding half of what is being said, it is still great! I have learned so much from them! We have two new investigators, Jennifer and Luana, and have taught them every day this week and had our first TRC (last week we actually did not do a TRC; we just taught an investigator we did not know. Sorry if it caused was late and I was in a rush so I could finish packing). A real TRC is when we teach members, which is definitely what we did this week! While teaching our mock-investigators and getting to know them, I have come to love them--even though they already have the gospel in their lives in real life. I love being a missionary, even though it can be rough at times, that´s okay because it´s not going to get any easier...but it will be totally worth it!

         Today is officially my first p-day in Brazil! This morning our zone escaped the CTM to the Campinas temple. It was wonderful to do work for those who didn´t have a chance to so they can come closer to our Heavenly Father! I love the Lord´s church so much and am so grateful for its consistency no matter where you are in the world! I know that being completely devoted to the Lord for a year and a half is what I need to do right now and that through Him, nothing is impossible.

          For p-day, we also walked outside the CTM gates and toured a little bit of the city! It was awesome! When we would walk down the street, everyone was just chillin on the streets and would strike up a conversation with us as
we walked by. Brazilians are pretty sweet!
         Love you all so much and for those of you who are starting back to school, have a fantastically stellar school year! OH! One more thing--I can´t send pictures while in the CTM (for reasons unknown to me) but when I get into the field, be prepared for an overload! Love ya love ya love ya!
Love, Sister Hilchie

Find the address on the previous post : stamps to Brazil are $1.20 and packages are about $7 per pound, padded envelopes are a good way to go to send something there.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015



Can I just say that I am super excited to leave for the Brazil MTC tomorrow?!? Because I AM!!!!!! AHH I still can't believe it! 

Before I start, I would like to point out that last week when I said I heard from Elder Bednar, he didn't actually come to the MTC.....I watched a devotional given by him that was recorded in the 90's, but it was still awesome!!

Anyways, I hope everyone is doing fantastically awesome because I sure am! The MTC is such a testimony-building, inspirational, joyful place! I have learned so much not only in the Portuguese language but also in the gospel and how to become the best missionary I can possible be! Portuguese is coming a lot better this week than last! The gift of tongues is real everyone otherwise I would not know everything I do now in the 12 days I've been here! 

Well I have to admit that our first non-scripted lesson with our investigator did not go so well.....we were struggling for words but when we bore our testimonies at the end, you could totally feel the Spirit--which was a good reminder that no matter how broken my Portuguese is, the Spirit speaks every language and can speak and touch anyone's heart! Also earlier this week, we were sitting at dinner, and one of the Elders was telling a hilarious date story! So instinctively we were all laughing probably a little too loud...then we saw this older couple walk towards us and instantly thought they were going to scold us. However, they surprised us by saying that we were emanating with the Spirit, and we were the FUN district haha! It really just made our night! 

We taught our first TRC lesson on Saturday. A TRC is where we teach an investigator we would have met while tracking but in role-play mode with our professors. Sister Hubert and I did pretty awesome and were able to remember most of the words we needed to and understand what they were saying to us in order to teach to the investigators needs! It was an awesome but nerve-racking experience. We did another TRC today and it was even better than Saturday if you can believe it! We taught about the restoration of the gospel but what was cool that even though we were teaching the same lesson to two different investigators, we emphasized different principles and doctrine, which manifested to me that the Spirit knows exactly what they need to hear and as missionaries, we are here to be the mouthpiece for the Lord and Spirit so others can become converted to the gospel.  

This week for Tuesday devotional, President Nelson came and spoke to us (this time in real life)!! There had been talk all day that we were going to have an apostle speak to us so we decided to join the choir so we could get good seats haha! But Sister Hubert is a fantastic singer and loves so sing.... sooo being her companion and all, I had to tag along! But I'm glad I did because it was awesome to be apart of the choir that definitely set the mood for the meeting and invited the spirit! The spirit was so strong during the devotional, and being in the presence of an apostle was one of the best spiritual experience I have ever experienced! As President Nelson left, we all stood up and the room was so quite and filled with the Spirit, that even five minutes after he left no one had moved. We didn't want that feeling to leave but as soon as everyone started to move, the Spirit was still there, but the strength of the Spirit lessened a touch. I learned so much from him and his great wealth of knowledge (along with the Spirit who is the real teacher)! I had always known that I need to rely on Christ, but that night I realized that I continue to rely on Him because His system works! He has been leading and guiding people for millions and millions of years so He definitely knows what He is doing and will lead you down the path that is best for you! 

I love you all so much and pray for you every night! 

Fun fact: Besides the Temple Square mission, my mission is the smallest mission in the church! 

Sister Hilchie :) 

PS:  You can contact me at

OR    Sister Courtney Hilchie
          Brazil Sao Paulo South Mission
          Rua DR Luiz da Rocha Miranda, 159 8* Andar
          Parque Jabaquara
          04344-010 Sao Paulo - SP
* should be a degree sign

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August 5, 2015


WOW! I am finally a missionary which is pretty crazy, but I love it!! 
Alright so I have some very exciting news.......

I GOT MY VISA!!!!! I leave for the Brazil MTC on August 11th so I'll have two weeks in Provo and four weeks in Brazil MTC! I am so excited that I'll get to experience both MTCs! 

Crazy story: when I was at the airport, I was waiting at the gate to get onto the airplane to SLC, and I met Sister Hubert who is going to Sao Paulo Sul as well, which made me super excited!! But get this....when I met my district, Sister Hubert was there talking to some of the elders! However not only is she in my district, she is also my companion!! CRAZY!! She is super sweet and very considerate of others, so basically she's the best! My district (in my opinion) is the best district around! There are four sisters and six elders in my district, and we all are there for each other and provide guidance for others who might be struggling with something. I can always feel the Spirit when they're around and they're a pretty hilarious bunch! There are so many stories and experiences we share and it's awesome to hear everyone's backgrounds and why they chose to serve. 

Ever since I got out of the car, I have been occupied 24/7 so by the end of the day, I am exhausted! I have a minute by minute schedule that keeps Sister Hubert and I super busy but I have learned so much! Portuguese is coming along slowly but surely. I can understand most of what Irmao Crestani is telling us during class, and it's only been seven days! I can also bear a simple testimony and pray in Portuguese! It is so awesome to see how the Lord takes care of His missionaries and constantly watches out for them! 

On the third day of this glorious adventure, we taught our first lesson in Portuguese to an investigator and we kind of ROCKED IT! I felt the Spirit so strongly as we bore our testimonies in broken Portuguese but hey it's all good because the Spirit is the real teacher no matter how poorly we speak the language. Tomorrow, we get to teach our fourth lesson to Danielle (our investigator) without a script or our little lifesaving language book filled with EVERY Portuguese word you could need/want to teach a lesson so that is a little nerve racking. But this is what I am going to be doing in the field so I might as well get in as much practice as I can! 

On Sunday, we went to sacrament meeting with our zone, and everyone who bore their testimony bore it in Portuguese! It was pretty cool to think that in a couple of weeks, I would be able to stand in front of a group of people and simply bear my testimony without having the words written down. We also attended a couple of devotionals--one by Sister Sheri Dew and the other by Elder Bednar--they are both have so much wisdom and guidance to share with us; it's incredible. The Spirit was so strong all day, and my testimony grew tremendously! I know that I am here for a purpose and that is to share the restored gospel to His children and bring them back to His presence. I love being a missionary! 
Heads up, I probably won't be able to email next week because the time I would normally do it, I will be on an airplane all day! Woohoo! 

I love you all and hope you are doing awesome! 

Love, Sister Hilchie :)