Monday, November 7, 2016

Language, Rice and Motorbikes

Tyler and his Trainer

Yep, a lot of the music down here is in English, not Portuguese. Which is weird because a lot of people do not understand English. I guess the music in America is just that good. Oh, and the people here do not like referring to Americans as Americans, they prefer estados unidos(united states), cause South America and all. But their country is not named America. I just don’t understand people down here. Oh, which reminds me, the language down here is the worst because pronunciation is everything. Like you know in harry potter, the first one, when Hermione corrects Ron on his pronunciation? Yeah it is exactly like that. Like ovó and ovô, they mean grandpa and grandma, just a very slight difference in pronunciation. Oh, and a costa is coast but as costas is back... well in time I’ll get it all right. 

One thing they do have right here is the rice, I am not sure how they cook/grow it, but America should learn how to do it. Because it is delicious. 

Oh, and another thing they have down here, motorbikes. Not motorcycles, these are regular old bikes where they have put a small engine on to help them get up hills and whatnot. And when the engine starts up, it sounds like a gunshot. Startled me quite a few times.

Pokemon GO is a worldwide phenomenon! There was a random familia playing it in front of the church! Kinda funny actually, they were just standing outside the gate on their phones and you could hear the theme song going on. Pretty sure they took over the gym...

Spiritual thought: so yesterday we listened to a talk by Elder Jeffery R. Holland. Well, I listened, everyone else read the subtitles. The title was "The First Great Commandment" and in it Elder Holland talks about how in the judgement day, he will be very surprised if we are not asked "Did you love Me?" and do we love Him? The Redeemer of our souls, The Almighty God. The Prince of Peace? He who Atoned for all of our sins and sufferings and laid down His life so that we may eternal life. Will we be like Peter and answer "Lord, thou knowest that I loved thee" I sincerely hope that at the judgement day, I will be able to look Christ in the eye and tell Him "I love thee".

I love all of you guys and wish you all the best week ever!!!!! Miss you all, with all the love in the world.
Elder Hilchie

Ouro Branco

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