Monday, November 28, 2016

Seja Felliz! (Be Happy)


Ummm not a ton of things happened this week....Brasil had yet another holiday that started Friday (11 de November) and lasted until Wednesday of this week. And everyone in São Paulo loves to go up to the beautiful beaches in the north. So there weren't a lot of people home this week because of this but we did manage to teach a good number of people and still find new people to teach. But what really highlighted this week was the conferência de zona that we had this Wednesday. Half of the mission got together with Presidente and Sister Broadbent and the assistentes and talked about a wide range of things. Everything from how to be autossuficiente (self sufficient) até how we should always leave um compromisso(commitment) with everyone we meet. It was really reinforced that we shouldn't be afraid to invite others to pray, read, go to church, etc because this is our purpose as missionaries. We will only help others come unto Cristo by inviting them to do something that will help grow their fé. If we don't invite, they most likely won't do it. We also talked about how we can be autossuficientes(self sufficient). How we can work so that we don't have to rely on others to do things for us. Presidente talked about how in the mission, it is the perfect time to work on this. Presidente also threw in there how we should always be HAPPY no matter what's happening! To always choose to be smiley and happy. This life is full of dificuldades and problems for every one of us and if we choose to let that bring us down, we will have an unhappy, uneventful life. We always need to choose look on the positive side of things and smile even when everything is going wrong. We have a rule in our mission that we can only be sad for 5 seconds and then we have to rebounce and continue on. When we don't let those little things bring us down and are always happy, not only will we have a wonderfully happy life but we will also help others to feel happy! 

And at the very end of this week, we meet a wonderful lady named Rosana. We are teaching a little girl of 11 years named Ingrid and were taking her home Saturday from a ward activity when we met her tia Rosana. We dropped her off and were just about to leave when Rosana stopped to talk to us. She asked a lot of questions and at the end of it all, we taught about the plano of felicidade(Plan of Happiness). She lost her son and in all the churches she went to, they always taught her that she would see him after this life but not remember who he is and that only the people who are evangélicos will go to heaven and the rest....way down in the deep. But as members of the Church of Jesus Cristo, we know that this isn't true. We testified how she would be able to see her son again and not only see him but remember who he is and be able to live with him forever. We didn't have too much time to talk with her because it was getting late but left um panfleto(pamphlet) with her about Heavenly Father's plan for us and how depending on our actions, we will be able to live with Him again or not. We marked to go back another day to teach more and are super excited!!!

That's about it folks! Amo vocês(I love you)!! Have the most smiley week ever!!

Sister Hilchie :)

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