Monday, October 24, 2016

15 months!!


Welp this was the last week of the transfer and today is a whole new beginning. I will stay em Parque Bristol but not with Sister Lima......I am super excited that I will be staying here because I love Parque Bristol but at the same time a bit sad that Sister Lima will leave. We became really close, and we had been through so much together and it was absolutely wonderful while it lasted. My new companion's name is Sister Sobrinho (and that's all I know about her hahaha). I am excited to get to know her! 

Então this week, we worked really hard and finished out the transferência strong with a lot of novos investigators. We are trying to really grow our grupo de ensino and find the people who really quer.(care) We started teaching Isac's mom and that is going wonderfully! She has come to church these past two domingos and is really enjoying it. She has a desire to learn more and what's even better is that she has Isac to help her! She works throughout the week and gets home late so we aren't able to visit her as much as we would like to but with Isac, it makes it a bit easier to know how she's doing and have him do things (like pray, read the Book of Mórmon) with her. 

We are still working with Reneane and Anderson to get them married. We are just waiting for he documento de nascimento(Marriage license) to get here from where she used to live and it's taking forever. This week we found out that it got sent back to her mom and are going to try another way to get it here as fast as possible. But they are at church every domingo firme e fortes and are seeing a lot of changes in their lives since they have started to come to church. It's been great to help them along and see their progress. 

OH and this week I SAW ELDER HILHCIE! It was superly fantastically awesome!!! I remember when we were driving past the templo, I looked out the onibus and saw tons of missionaries. I looked at Sister Lima e exclaimed "my brother's in there somewhere!" My heart started to beat faster and as we started to walk on the temple grounds, I got super anxious to see him. But we weren't finding him. Until I looked to the side and saw a tall Elder looking at me. I started to really focus on him and realized that it was Elder Hilchie!! He started to run towards me and I to him and we gave each other the biggest hug ever! Sister Lima said that when this happened, all the missionaries looked at us like "what are they doing?! Elderes and sisteres can't hug...." but after we let go, a lot of missionaries started to come up to us and once we explained that we were siblings, they got mais relaxed and thought that was super awesome. It was great to see him!!! We took some pictures, talked a bit and then it was time to go. Just as he was about to enter into the templo, he said "tchau" and made a coração(heart) with his hands hahaha. And now, só em 2 anos.(2 years)

I hope you all have the best week ever!! Love you all!! 

Sister Hilchie :)  

I couldn't retrieve the pictures that were sent, I will have them next week.  I am very excited to see them together!!!

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