Tuesday, July 25, 2017


And so, I have started asking people this week where they think I am from, and so far they have said, U.S.A., Argentina, Mexico and Germany. Just something fun that I am doing kkkk.  This week we had a conference of zone, which was held in a city of ET (yes the alien) and so they have a few statues and even a spaceship of aliens. Apparently aliens landed there? but yeah, something interesting (Varginha is the city, if you are curious)

But yeah, so with this conference, I learned something very important; it is that your desire and your determination and your decisions are yours, and yours alone. Nobody can take that away from you, and rightly nobody can give it to you either. And so, you HAVE to make the decision for yourself, you have to choose the right of your own free will. And if you do, you have to keep it up, until the bitter end, and if you do this, and give it your absolute best, the grace of God will save you in that last day. So do everything you can so one day we all can feel the marks in the hands, wrists and side of our Savior. I know that He lives, He suffered ALL so we don’t have to, we just need to repent.
Love you guys!!!!!! 
com amor
Elder Hilchie

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


So this week, we were doing contacts in the street, and we encountered a lady that started a little Bible fight (my comp is good with this sort of thing) but after a little bit, they decided to stop, and this lady looked over at me, and I was just standing there smiling, and she started to smile, despite the fact that she was a bit annoyed with the Bible bash kkkk. 

And that’s the thing, if you can stay happy and bring the Holy Ghost, the person will feel happy, because the Holy Ghost can only bring happiness and light. And this is something that many people are missing in their lives. There is a lot of pleasure that you can have, but it will never be enough. True happiness can only be found in The Light, The Light of the world, which is our Lord and Savior, so SEEK HIM OUT!!!!!!!! He is waiting with open arms for all of His brothers and sisters. I promise, as a representative of Him, that as you come unto Him He will come unto you, and you will finally feel true peace and happiness. 
Love you guys!!!!!!! Keep me updated with all!!!!!!!!!
com amor
Elder Hilchie

Monday, July 10, 2017

4th of July!!!

Which they do not celebrate here, but we did have pancakes and maple syrup for the district meeting, which is something very rare kkkk. But yeah, so this week everyone is playing the kite fight game (pipa) and so we encountered a kite that had been cut, and whoever gets there first is the new owner of the kite. And so guys guess who got a kite?! Which initiated a conversation with a young man who said we could teach him later.  Shortly afterwards I lost my kite, because a kid asked if he could have it, and so I am still without a kite kkkk.

But for this week I have been thinking about charity, the pure love of Christ. So, how can we be more charitable? We can find opportunities to serve one another, do general good for our neighbors and friends and family. But even if we were to give everything that we had, if our heart is not in the right place, it will all be for naught. We need to learn to love everyone, and everything will become easier. Serving will be a joy, and we will always be looking for ways to serve our fellow man, our brothers and sisters. And if we love God above all else, we will inherit eternal life.
Love you guys!!!!!! Keep me updated with everything!!!!!
com amor
Elder Hilchie