Monday, November 28, 2016

First Baptism!

So first batizmo Saturday!!!! I was super pumped for it and it went pretty well, hopefully many more of those to come!! Also found 2 novo pesquisadors(investigators) that we have committed to batizmo, just gotta teach them some more lessons and show them the blessings of the Gospel!

   And there was a mission tour this week and we got to hear from Elder Aidukaitis, it was really good, talked a lot about Expiação de Jesus Cristo, and how through it, we can have true paz e feliz(peace and happiness) and our weak things can become strong. Oh, and being obedient em todos os coisas(in all things), because that is the foundation for fe(faith) to grow on. So he committed all the missionaries to get out of bed at exactly 6:30 because missionaries who get out of bed even 1 minute late have other problems as well because they are doing their own will and not the will of the Lord. And can I just say, missionaries are awesome, they are just so friendly and caring and loving. I got to meet some great missionaries this tour, hopefully I’ll get to be companions with them:P.

Hope all is super duper fantastic!!! Would love to hear from all of you about how life and everything is going! Love ya!
Elder Hilchie

Sight seeing, the hair looks better!

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