Monday, November 14, 2016

The Light of the Gospel


Well this week was super awesome! We were able to find and teach a lot of people who seem real interested in learning more about the gospel. This is the best feeling ever! When you are teaching and the person's face just lights up as you are talking, and they just want to learn more and more. I love it! And this week, it happened a lot. 

We visited a family of three (Thamiris, Ana Lucia, e Fernando) who want to learn more. They really want the whole family to go to the same church. Thamiris, who has 23 years, goes to church but her mom and brother don't. But they are searching for somewhere where the whole family can go! We are super excited to visit them this upcoming week and teach them more about the gospel and how it can change their family life and faz com que(makes) their family is mais united. We also started to visit a little girl named Ingrid (has 11 years) that lives with her grandma and older sister and cousin. She went to a church activity that we had this Saturday and loved it and também went to church and loved it too! She loved the primary and how she was able to stay and learn with the kids her age. She said that in the church she goes to with her grandma, she has to sit there the whole time and listen to the preacher talk and doesn't really learn a lot. And in the Church of Jesus Cristo, it's a lot different because everyone learns according to their age. There is a sala(room) for everyone to feel comfortable and learn the gospel in a way that they will understand! Just one more thing I love about the church. 

This week we had divisão(splits) and I stayed in Parque Bristol with Sister Gutierrez one day and Sister Nascimento the other. Recently Presidente Broadbent wants us to do divisões for two dias so that we can get to know the sisteres better and how we can help them. But Sister Gutierrez is from Peru and Sister Nascimento, Bahia, Brazil. They are both really sweet and concerned with everyone they meet. They have this desire to share the gospel with everyone. They both have just about a year in the field so it was nice to work with them because they too have a lot of experience. 

I was also reading this week in Jacó,(Jacob) and he was really having a serious talk with the people and how they were not buscando(seeking) first Heavenly Father. They were all caught up in the world and obtaining riches that they completely forgot about the Lord and everything He had done for them. And as a result, they were not as happy and they were before when they always searched Him first. Then Jacó tells them to search first the reino de Deus(kingdom of God) and then everything they need will be given to them and with all the wealth they will have, need to use it for good and not be selfish. Hoje em dia(everyday) we are seeing a lot of this....a lot of people just want to be wealthy and have the latest technology and gadgets and aren't worried about doing the things that will bring us closer to our Heavenly Father (going to church, reading scriptures, praying) and really not thanking Him for everything He's done. I know that when we put Him em primeiro lugar(above everything), everything will turn out just how it should. We will have everything we will ever need and when we share this wealth with others, we will be even more blessed.

I love you all so much!!! Thanks for all the support and prayers!!! Have a superly duperly fantastic week!

Sister Hilchie :)   

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