Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Pigeons and Dogs

The Reunion!! Happy Day!
Well, here there are many pigeons and stray dogs, which really aren’t scared of people. So I was walking down the street not looking where I was stepping (bad idea because the sidewalks are not even, almost wrecked myself) and suddenly there’s a pigeon right underneath me, it flies up and startled me pretty badly. 
           The last night we were in the CTM, our district had a junk food party, it was pretty fun, pulled out some mattresses and talked, and said our goodbyes because some were leaving super early in the morning *cough* Elder Cook!  So the plane ride wasn’t long, only like an hour from Sao Paulo, the only problem is that the airport is in the middle of nowhere, so when the plane was descending, the only thing I could see was trees and grass. No signs we were even close to a city or town. And so the tarmac didn’t show up until we were almost to the ground, it was a bit nerve-wracking but we arrived safely.  
A Church in Ouro Branco
         Then we drove for about an hour and we go over this hill and suddenly Juiz de Fora is there! (all the cities pop out of nowhere) we got there had almoco (lunch) and then a short orientation. Spent the night at a missionary’s apartment. Next day we got our trainers, mine is Elder Medieros, and he is nice, just doesn’t speak English haha. So after a long bus ride I am now in Ouro Branco, where there is a huge cross on the mountain nearby. Now i am fully submersed in the language and the mission. It is super awesome to be here. Hope all is well wherever you all are at. Miss you all! Love you and wish you the absolute best!!!
Ouro Branco
Elder Hilchie

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