Monday, October 17, 2016

From the Brazil CTM

This is Tyler's email Oct. 12, 2016.  His pdays are Wed for now.  He will head out to Juiz de Fora on October 25. Then everything will change again!!

Well, I’m here at Brazil!!!! Just at the CTM though, but still super awesome!! There is super good food here, and really nice people. It is pretty humid and hot and everyone speaks fluent Portuguese, but that’s still pretty awesome! I’ll be able to fully acclimatize to the environment. Oh, but the biggest downfall is that you only get 45 minutes to email here and you can’t send pictures for some weird reason or another. Went to the temple in Campinas today, it was really nice. It took like an hour drive to get there so we got to see some of Brazil, lots of greenery, and red brick houses. Like the jungle comes all the way up to the edge of the city, it is pretty cool. Very pretty. Not a lot has happened thus far, mostly because after the flight here, I was super tired and now I can’t remember much of what happened yesterday. Oh yeah, so while I was in the room, I thought I heard a gunshot, so I asked one of the Brazilians what it was and he said it was fireworks and that they set them off randomly. Traffic is crazy here, and if you have a motorcycle, you can cut through all the traffic in between the cars. Hopefully I’ll have better stories next week, I’ll make sure to write them down. I do miss the Provo MTC, love the missionaries down there, the zone was awesome. Had many fun times and great memories. Love you guys! Hope to hear from you!!
Elder Hilchie

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