Monday, October 17, 2016

Happy Dias Das Criancas!

OI FAMÍLIA!!!!!!!!!
Parque Jabaquara
Hope you all are doing just wonderfully fantastic!!! This week was pretty crazy for Sister Lima and I but we came out victorious!! Antônio was baptized this weekend and it was super awesome! I remember talking about Antônio some tempo atras but I will tell you all a little bit about him agora:
*he is an older man of about 55 years and is originally from Piauí (bem up in the northern part of Brasil).
*since the very first time that we taught him in Julho, he has been coming to church every domingo(Sunday)
*he was basically already a membro before he was baptized. He is always serving in the igreja(church) and helping us to bring investigators to church and vários church atividades (he just wasn't baptized earlier because of some family problems)
*two weeks ago, we found out that everything was all sorted out and when he asked us when he could be baptized, we got super feliz and marked for this past Saturday!
*he has a kind heart and friends with everyone!
Antonio's Baptism
So on Saturday, we got everything all ready but during the week, it was super crazy and hectic. We had a lot of goals that we wanted to reach and as we made plans and relied on the Lord, we saw every one of our goals being reached. It was incrível how the Lord helped us to the very last second as we were giving our all. And when we didn't know what to do or how to do it, He was always right there to put little thoughts into our minds and with these ideas, we went forward and saw muitos milagre(many miracles). This week was just the best!
Then Wednesday was dia das crianças(Children’s Day)! And everyone was out of school and work so the primary put together a little activity for the parents and kids. It turned out really well and we were able to bring a family that we are teaching to the activity. It all started with the kids making bread (which to my surprise turned out pretty good) and then the fun began. Each child was paired off with their parent and together they competed in a couple games. The first reminded me a lot of Survivor....they made this maze/obstacle course and the child was blind folded with the parent guiding him/her out of the maze. We also tied one foot to the other and played soccer and did another where they was a bunch of crumpled up paper on the chão(floor) and without the kid putting his feet on the ground, had to pick up as much "trash" as they could. I was the "mom" of the daughter of our ward mission líder because his foot is broken and her mom wasn't able to make it so I was next in line! It was a lot of fun! Afterwards, the kids bounced on the trampoline.

One last thing: this is the last week of the that passed by super-fast. Well anyways, have a superly awesome fantastic week!! Love you all!
Sister Hilchie :)
Laundry time, there are no dryers in Brazil!

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