Monday, October 3, 2016

Tyler Week 3

Ok, story time(ill send some pics later)
 So one of my companions is from Norway and he has really good English, but some words he doesn’t know the meaning to, but we forget because he doesn’t even have an accent. So one day I said that gullible was written on the ceiling and so he looked up and was really confused. Then we had to explain the meaning of the word to him. Also, he got sick earlier this week after he got his flu shot so we had to stay with him, but Elder Chugg got cabin fever really quickly and wanted to get out. We ended up leaving and going to class halfway through the day.

 Oh, and we have this foam ball, so one day we got kicked out of the gym really early because they had to do choir or something, so we went back to the residence. Being really bored, we searched around and found an umbrella, which gave us the great idea to play baseball around our floor(it is a square). We tried unsuccessfully to hit the ball, when someone found a broom. So it became our next bat and everyone would team up on the batter to try and get him out. I barely made it around, thankfully people can’t catch, so it would slow them down. We played this for a while and it was really fun. But, we think we may have upset some of the other zones in our floor, because one day our couches were missing! (we sing hymns and stuff every night) we found out who took them, got them back and then stacked them in front of their door.

We lost some missionaries today, they got their visas and are headed off to the Brazil CTM. It was really exciting, but kinda sad. General Conference was amazing, I learned so much!
I actually took notes! And then Sunday night Vocal point came for the devotional and bore their testimonies and sang, it was super awesome and spiritual. Music is definitely a very direct path to the soul. I’m glad you guys did well at the race!!! It is an awesome race! Love you guys!
Elder Hilchie

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