Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Vania e Marisa

OI FAMÍLIA!!!!!!! 

Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE being a missionary?! Because I do! 

This week was super awesome! We started off by going to the zoo Monday--just us two. It was wonderful because there was hardly any one there and all the animals were out and about. We visited all the animals and made lots of time for the giraffes! ;) Then on Tuesday we had interviews with Presidente and Sister Broadbent. Ah I love them so much! It was great to talk to them and get some advice on how I can be a better missionary and find more people who are really searching for the gospel. We also talked about how time is passing by so quickly and gave me time to reflect on really how much I have grown in the last year and two months. I am so grateful for having the oportunidade to serve a mission and conhecer mais Jesus Cristo and my loving Heavenly Father and realmente feel of Their love for me. I know that our Father in Heaven loves us no matter what. That He is always there to pick us up when we fall down. To cheer us up when we get down. To celebrate with us when we're super happy and alegre! He is always there. Always. And will Never leave our side. 

This week we met some very special people named Vania e Marisa. Vania has about 38 years and lives with her soon-to-be husband. She has already been taught by the elders but it's been awhile. I remember the first time that we talked with her, she was a little bit rude so we thought that she would want nothing to do with us but we went back anyways. And guess what?! She is such a loving person! (and this is why we don't judge on first appearances). We taught the plan of salvação and she started to cry towards the end knowing that one day she would be able to live with her loved ones again. She said that we were different than the others because we taught with love. Our message wasn't something memorized that we said to everyone that we met. We made it feel like the message was specialized just for her! And it was. 

Then we have Marisa. She lives with her husband (they're married!!!!!) and they are an older couple. She is not going to a church but is really interested in visiting the Church of Jesus Cristo. She had breast cancer and is now cancer free! We talked about batismo with her and how she can really start all over after she is baptized how Jesus Cristo was and receive the Holy Ghost. She has a grande desire to start all over and wants our help to do so. It really is amazing being here in the mission and being able to find and teach people like Marisa and Vania who really want something of their life. I know that through the gospel of Jesus Cristo, our lives can change completely. I love the gospel and how it can be such a guide for us hoje em dia(every day). 

Have a very out of this world awesome week!!!! Love you all!! 

Sister Hilchie :)

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