Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tyler Arrives in Brazil

 Oct. 6, 2016
Hey, so I got my travel plans today, I am going to the Brazil CTM Monday(Oct 10). I leave here at like 9, I have about an hour layover in Atlanta, then I’m off to Sao Paulo. There’s two other missionaries in my zone that are leaving that day too, so I'm flying with them to Brazil. Hopefully I’ll get to see Courtney, which would be awesome!! Well, just wanted to let you guys know what’s up (I found out today). Love you guys!!
Elder Hilchie

Tyler and Elder Joder

October 8, 2016
Ok, so I get to email today. I’ll send some pictures once I get them uploaded. So I finally figured out how to do a snapping thing with my fingers that is apparently used in Brazil, it was quite difficult to learn and took a while. We played baseball again this week and I made four runs in a row. I was dying at the end because it was a full out sprint every time so I wouldn’t get out. Got a new companion this week, his name is Elder Chowen and he just got here (he’s a solo missionary) we do not fully understand how the whole solo thing works, or what will happen once I leave, I assume he will get a new companion. he’s a really good guy. I asked Elder Joder if he could cut my hair and he said yes (he’s 23, Swiss and served in the military). He got his clippers and we went into the bathroom and he cut my hair. His clippers actually broke halfway through, but we persevered and it was really good, finished at like 10:30 though. He’s actually super nice, despite the tough exterior. We taught a real investigator in Portuguese, he’s from Brazil and I could understand almost everything he said, and that was awesome! Taught him how to pray in Portuguese and how to feel the Spirit. It was an overall good lesson. Ill really miss this place and the people here. Hope you guys are doing well! Love you!!!
Elder Hilchie

 Oct. 11, 2016
Hey, made it to Brazil!!!! It is way hot here but everyone seems super friendly and nice. Everyone here speaks fluent Portuguese, its crazy. Plane ride was long. Pday is next Wednesday and I’m going to the Sao Paulo temple that morning, should be an awesome experience! CTM is a lot smaller than Provo, but still awesome!! Only here for two weeks, but hopefully I pick up on the Portuguese crazy fast! Love you!! Hope everything is well!!
Elder Hilchie 

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