Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Goodness! (Elder Hilchie)

Oh my goodness, they do not give us any time to email and it is stressing me out, I apologize in advance if I do not email you personally today, just please send me another email reminding me please:P

 Alright, so I did in fact make it safe to Brazil, although I was not in the group picture because I was sound asleep upstairs. The food is still pretty good here, lots of beans and rice, but really good rice. Oh, and there is this weird track that is super narrow, I’ll take a picture of it and send it next week. I’m learning Portuguese pretty quickly, a lot faster than I should be, which is fantastic. Still cannot understand super-fast Portuguese though.

There was a devotional by Elder Bednar that we watched here and I saw the people from my zone who sang in the choir, which was pretty dang awesome, I miss you guys!!!!!!! The devotional was on how to study general conference in greater depth by using `the Bednar Matrix` (there is supposed to be quotation marks, but I cannot find them on this keyboard) so first you identify the doctrine or principle of the talk, then you find the invitation and then you find the promised blessings within the talk. Sometimes you do have to search for them, but it is pretty cool to see that that is how the apostles today teach, just as Jesus taught. And the whole plan thing that happened in the premortal world? God made the plan and presented it, and Satan rebelled against it and tried to amend it. It wasn’t choosing between Jesus´s plan or Lucifer’s plan, it was either choosing to follow God or rebel against Him. And now it is our job as missionaries to bring people to the Gospel and back to our Heavenly Father. Just food for thought.
Some of the people from the Provo MTC zone came this week, which was pretty nice, hopefully they are adjusting well and learning a lot of Portuguese.

 And so today, I just so happened to stumble upon Sister Hilchie at the Sao Paulo temple!!!!!! (It may have been planned, just a little bit) it was awesome, and I’m pretty sure we scared a few of the missionaries, but then we told them we were brother and sister and then it made sense. So I talked to her for a while, she gave me some really good advice, we took some pictures together, it was very fun. Super crazy though, didn’t really believe it was her for a  minute, I mean we are in a different country and both serving missions!!!!! Super awesome, oh and Sister Hilchie is most definitely losing some of her English because she kept on saying Portuguese words. Hopefully she will send some pictures in her email, and then next week I’ll send some pictures too. Well, love you guys!!!! Hope all is super-duper well!! Keep me updated!!!
Elder Hilchie

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