Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Well, 2 things yesterday, first a batizmo, which was really awesome, it’s someone we have been working with for a while so it was pretty awesome experience, Espirito Santo was very strong.

And then I got to Skype with my family! That was awesome!! It was really good to see them, even for a short period of time.

Sorry that this is super short haha, but I hope everyone had a Fantastic Christmas! Love hearing from you guys, let me know how it’s going!!

Com Amor,
Elder Hilchie
Skype with Tyler

PS, from Teri
Funny how Courtney and Tyler both wrote “short” emails, I think Tyler won that one!!  

Tyler is doing well, he says that people tell him that his Portuguese is good.  They think that he is from Brazil because of his complexion.  When they find out that he is from the U.S. they tell him they can’t understand him!  He loves the food and is keeping busy.  A couple from the church live in the same building as he and his companion and they take good care of him.  It was so good to skype with him and see his smiling face.
One funny story.  Apparently Brazilians are confused with the concept of resurrection vs. revival.  They came across a woman that was claiming that she had been resurrected. She was in the street and told them that she had been resurrected and they quietly said, “No actually you have not, you are still going to die”.  And she tells them that God chooses people to receive the Holy Spirit.  And she gets intense and shouts “I feel the Holy Spirit, do you feel the Holy Spirit?” They just looked at her and say, “No, no we don’t” and walked away!

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