Tuesday, December 27, 2016

FELIZ 2017!!!


Sorry I don't have very much time today so this email will be shorter. But I hope that everyone had the best Natal ever because I sure did!!! I was great to see you all and crazy to think that in 3 weeks I will be seeing you guys in real life, cara a cara(face to face).

Courtney and her new comp from Utah!
But this week was super crazy with a lot of running around. A lot of people here in São Paulo like to viajar(travel) for Natal e Ano Novo(New Year) so it was a bit harder to find and teach people that were actually home but surprisingly we taught a good number of people and able to help them feel the true meaning of Christmas. I love Natal guys and helping others really focus their lives in Him. The One who saved us. Who gave all He had so that He would be able to help us. It's the best thing ever being a missionary! 

With the Broadbents
But this week we had a pretty awesome experience! We were going to visit one of our pesquisadoras(investigators), got up to her house and noticed that everything was escuro(dark). We knocked on the neighbor's door to make sure that our investigator wasn't home. Well the vizinha(neighbor) came out and said that she had left. But instead of saying thank you and leaving, we started to talk to her. We had already talked to her before but she said she didn't have time for us to visit her and wasn't very interested but I don't know what changed because she invited us to come in so we did! We got to know her a little bit more and she just started to tell us everything. She said that there was something in her life that she wanted to get rid of because she feels as though it's atrapalhando(disturbing) her relacionamento(relationship) com Pai Celestial(Heavenly Father)---o cigarro(cigarettes). She has tried to stop vários times mas nunca conseguiu(never could). She has been searching for help but never found it. That's when we told here that we were there to help her. We made some metas(goals) with her and left her with a bunch of ideas that she could try to be able to stop. At the end, she said that she knew why our pesquisadora wasn't home: so that we would be able to visit her. She was really grateful for our visit and we are super excited and greatful that we are able to help her really create that relacionamento with Pai Celestial. I know that Pai Celetial loves each and every one of us dearly. He will do anything to help us. And when we reach out our hands and help, maybe we are answering the prayer of someone. 

I hope you all are doing superly duperly awesome and ready for 2017! (It’s going to be the best year ever!) 

Love, Sister Hilchie :)

All of Sao Paulo South Missionaries

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