Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hey Guys

So not a lot happened this week; biggest things were a blackout and soccer player’s plane crash.  The blackout happened at night while we were contacting, and literally every light went out, it was like a horror movie haha. But then some lights turned back on and we were able to make it back to casa safely. And then while my companion was doing intervistas baptismal(baptism interview), I learned that there was a big plane crash where an entire soccer team had died, it was a really big deal, military and lots of people at the funeral.

Spiritual though- while in Alma 5:14, it talks about if we have received Christ in our lives. and not just receive, but allowed Him to change us, make us better and more Christ-like. How important is that? Being born again through the redeeming power of Christ and His Atonement. Becoming perfected so that we may live forever in paz e alegria(peace and happiness). It is truly awesome.

Well, hope all is well, love hearing from you guys!!!!!!! Love ya, miss ya!!

Elder Hilchie 

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