Monday, December 19, 2016


OI FAMÍLIA!!!!!!!!!!! 

Well guys this week was pretty awesome!! We met some really amazing people and had some great spiritual experiences. We met this one couple--Maria e Cicero--that used to rent out a part of their casa to the elderes. She was a referência and when we first talked to her, she got super excited that we had come to visit. Ela só vive with her marido and are both retired. They are an awesome couple are really loved it enquanto the elderes lived downstairs. They said that at times, the elders would come up and share a message with them but didn't know much about the church and want to! So we taught the restauração(restoration), which went great! The Spirit was really strong and Maria started to cry as we were teaching. We know that the Lord is our loving Heavenly Father and that He never changes. In the Bible we learn about how He called profetas (like Noah, Abraão, Moises..) that were given the power of God to act in His name. We also learn that after all these profetas, Cristo came to the earth. While He was aqui, He fez muitas coisas(did many things)....cured, taught, was an exemplo em todas as coisas(example in all things) and He also established His church with Cristo as the profeta, 12 apóstolos and each of them with the poder(power) of Deus. And with these three things, the church of Critso was here on the earth. We also know that Cristo, He died for us and logo depois9soon after), os apóstolos and with that, the power of Deus was gone também(also). Então não tinha mais(so we did not have) the church of Cristo on the earth. Well after a bit, the people started to feel falta(lack) of the church of Cristo and His ensinamentos(teachings). So to compensate, they started to remember little bits and pieces of what Cristo taught and started to form they own igrejas(churches). That's why hoje em dia(today), there are so many igrejas because everyone was trying to find the whole truth but only found parts. Then in 1820, there was a young man chamado(named) Joseph Smith that had a pergunta(question): "which church out of all of them is right? which should I follow?" It was then that he said a prayer and God the Father and His son Jesus Cristo aparaceram(appeared) to him and told him to now join any. It was through Joseph that the church of Cristo was restored on the earth again. Então por causa disto(because of this), Joseph was called como o novo profeta(as the new prophet), he called 12 apóstolos, and they were give the power of Deus. Realmente eu sei that Joseph Smith was an instrumento in the hands of the Lord. That through him, the church of Cristo was restored here on the earth again. I know without any doubt that the Church of Jesus Cristo of Latter-day Saints is the one and only true church on the earth today with a profeta and apóstolos(prophets and apostles)to lead and guide us. I know that Cristo is at the head of this church because it is His church. 

Also the mãe(mother) of Reneane finally chegou(arrived) this week!!! And with her birth documents!!! Now we can get to it. We have waited so long for this very important piece of paper to get here and it has finally made it! We are all super duper excited and doing everything possível to get her married asap! 

I love you all so so so much! I hope you all have the best week ever and always remember why we are celebrating Natal. Always remember of His birth and life. How He gave tudo for us so that we would be able to be happy happy happy aqui! FELIZ NATAL GENTE!!! Thanks for everything!

Sister Hilchie :)  

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