Wednesday, September 7, 2016


 OI FAMÍLIA!!!!!! 

Wow I can't believe how fast time is passing by! Can you all believe that it's already setembro and Monday again?! Man time is going by too fast....this is the last week of the transfer and it seems like yesterday that I was picking up Siser Lima. This week was a pretty crazy but here are a few highlights: 

*BATISMO! Carlos was baptized this Saturday and confirmed Sunday and it was just awesome! He is an awesome person that was truly searching for the gospel but didn't know where to find it. He is also a person very determined and firm in what he does once he knows it's what he needs to do. Ever since the first visit, his life turned completely upside down, and everyone started to talk to him about the church and criticizing him for making this choice--até people that he didn't even know started to talk to him--but because he had prayed and only sought for the answers through the Lord, he wasn't even affected by the people around him. His pastor even started to talk to him that he shouldn't follow the church of Christ because of varios reasons and you know what Carlos did at the end of his pastor's spill? He told him that everything he had said about the church wasn't true and that he too could pray to know the truth like he did! Really anyone could say anything to him and it wouldn't even change his mind because he received an answer from the Lord and that is all he needed. I know that if we have whatever duvida, we can and should ask the only person who has todo conhecimento--the Lord--because He will never lie to us and we can always trust in the answer He gives us. Always. 

*Have some news about Isac: HE STOPPED SMOKING!!!! Now he just has to never smoke ever again and we are planning his baptism for this Saturday. He is super excited and has the biggest desire to be baptized and become part of the church of Cristo. So much that he invited us over one day to teach his mom. She works the whole week and so it's only sábados e domingos that she is home. This Saturday we went there and taught the plano of salvation. At the end of it all, Isac told his mom that he wanted her to hear the rest of the lessons and know for herself that the church of Jesus Cristo is here on the earth once again, was restored through a faithful rapaz named Joseph Smith. It's amazing how Isac has changed over these past couple weeks due to him putting in practice what he is learning with us. I know that he will be forever blessed due to the gospel in his life. 

Other than this, we worked and worked and worked. Found some new investigators and had a lot of investigators at church who ended up loving it and told us would be back next week! Inclusive, we had a family really especial come to church Sunday--Anne and her husband Micheal. They are looking for a church for their family to go to because they have three kids under the age of 8 and want them go grow up with the gospel. They love it when we visit them and we have become real close with this family. And with the help of the ward, logo logo they will become a part of our church family. Ah being a missionary is the best! I never want it to end. The happiness that we feel when serving others is unexplainable and it's amazing that with each person we teach, how you can feel God's love for them! It's incredible! 

Have the best week ever!!! Love you all! Até mais!

Sister Hilchie :)  

Courtney's District

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