Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Do the Little Things

OI FAMÍLIA!!!!!!!! 

Well one more transfer down. Wow these past six weeks really just flew by. But the absolutely wonderful news is that I am staying in Parque Bristol with Sister Lima!!!!! I am super duper excited! And I was also called to be a sister líder treinadora (stl)(Sister Leader Trainer). This means that I will be the one marking and doing divisões(splits) with the other sisters. I will probably be looking after three other duplas of sisters with another sister--Sister Hollandsworth. She too was called to be a sister líder this transfer so it will be an adventure and adjustment for the two of us. But I am super excited and know that I will just learn and grow a lot more! 

We ended this transfer with a bang with the baptism of Isac!!! Ah he is such an awesome person and realmente waiting for us to knock on his door. I remember when we first met him. We were leaving the home of another investigator when we walked by his door. He was counting beans and we decided to talk to him and that same night, we shared a message with him. And from that day, things just got better and better. He always read the panfletos that we left with him and prayed about everything that we taught so that he could know for himself. He always got super excited when he learned something new and absorved everything. He had a problem with cigarros and smoked a lot but had a desire to stop so that he would see his two daughters grow up. And he stopped! We talked with him every day to see how it was going and he said that it was real hard to not smoke but every time that he felt um desejo to smoke he thought about his desire to be baptized and how this desire was a lot more than that to smoke. He has become such an example for the people he lives with that his mom wants us to teach her. Realmente, I know that as we start to live the gospel, a light starts to shine from us and that others are attracted and want to learn more. 

This week we also had nova força (when all the newbs get together again and we have a meeting with presidente). It was awesome and I learned so much. But one thing that I learned came from a scripture that Elder Shipp (assistente) shared with us--Alma 37:6. This scripture talks about how it is through the little things that big things are brought to past. And really if you stop to think about it, this is completely true. It's when we do the small, everyday things that make the biggest diferencia in our lives after a period of time. Here in the mission, we have a lot of little rules and things that Presidente wants us to do that in the moment we think won't make much of a diferencia if we do it or not but how this ends up having a huge snowball effect. It's the same at home. As we start to do the small things--reading the scriptures and praying daily, doing fhe, going to church, serving others, etc.--that will become a part of our lives, we will be forever blessed and each day, grow closer to our Savior Jesus Cristo. I know that as we do these small, everyday things the Lord will bless us with everything we need because we are putting him in primeiro lugar(first). 

One of these small things that we started to do in the ward is have family home evening every other week at the chapel. We had our first one this week and it turned out to be a great success. There ended up being a ton of people there and we brought along some of our investigators. Our purpose in doing this was that the people we are teaching would be able to meet some of the members and make friendships, and it turned out helping the ward create a stronger bond not only with the investigators but also among each other. It was something real simple that we decided to do but I know that over time, will help Parque Bristol become a ward mais united. 

I love you all and always remember to be a light for others!! Have the best week ever!!!

Sister Hilchie :) 

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