Monday, September 19, 2016

Goal, Goals and more Goals


Welp this week was really interesting. It started off real well and we found a lot of new investigators and taught a lot of people and ah it was just great until Thursday. But before I get there, we had an experience bem legal earlier this week. We were walking down the street, everything had fallen through, no one seemed to be at home when we decided to visit Vitor. We talked with Vitor a couple weeks ago, and he said that we could pass by any day at his house and with no one else to visit, we decided to stop by since we were close. Once we stopped clapping and yelling his name, a woman appeared and said that he had left to go to the supermercado but to come in anyways. She called her mom (Maria) e daí, we walked in. As we were passing by the living room window, we saw two Testemunhos de Jeová(Jehova Witnesses) sitting on the couch. They were there teaching the we awkwardly entered and sat down right in front of them. They started to ask where we were from and a lot of get to know you questions. We responded, they wrapped up, left and now the stage was ours. We hadn't even started to open our mouth when Maria told her granddaughter to call her mom who called her sister who called their uncle and cousin and from there, tons of people came pouring into the room. There were kids sitting on the chão, the couch full of people until there wasn't enough space but there still were more people who ended up standing up. I would say that in total, there were about 15 people in the living room. Man it was awesome! We shared a message about the plano of salvação(Plan of Salvation) and focused on how their family could be together forever. Everyone participated, asked questions and at the end, someone asked what church we were from. We said the Church of Jesus Cristo of Latter-day Saints, and they were a bit confused as to what church it was until someone said "the Mórmons." Then it all clicked for everyone. But what really marked the visit was when someone else said "the Mórmons....they really are of Jesus Christ!" And with that note, we said a prayer and left. 

Then Thursday I went to a lidership council meeting with all the zone leaders, district leaders, and sister líder treinadoras with Presidente and his assistentes. It was a great meeting and we talked a lot about how we can help the mission grow. We also talked a lot about making goals and how for everything we do in life, not only in the mission, we need to make goals and then plans for these goals or you will not go very far in life. And really that is true....if we want to go far in life, we need to set goals and then keep on going with them until we alcançar them. We can't give up just because things aren't going right because we always have tomorrow and tomorrow is always a new page. So when we fall for a second, just get up and make new plans to achieve your goal the next day. And with this, we will achieve everything we put our mind to!

Later that day Thursday, we came back from the meeting and I was reunited with Sister Lima. We went to visit Reneane and right at the end, Sister Lima looked at me and said that we needed to go home because she was feeling a lot of pain. So we went home, planned and hoped for a better day tomorrow without pain. Well once Sister Lima woke up, it was obvious that she wasn't doing any better. She wasn't able to sit down and was walking really slowly because with every movement she did--especially walking up and down stairs and hills--hurt. So after a meeting with the stake presidente and lunch, we stayed home. Then on Saturday it was the same thing....but we did splits with a couple young woman so I was able to leave and visit a few people that we weren't able to the day before. And Sunday wasn't any better....we already went to the doctor's but have to go to another in order to know how to treat this pain exactly and are waiting on presidente to tell us where to go now. We are hoping and praying muito that he finds a clinic soon so that Sister Lima can stop feeling tanto door(really bad) and we can get back to work. 

But other than this, everything is great! Love you all!!! Have a week that is out of this world!!! 

Sister Hilchie 

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