Friday, October 2, 2015

Lovin the Mish!

FAMÍLIA!!! Oi todo bem? 

This week I made two new best friends--sombre (shade) e vento (wind). It was SO hot this week but things got better these past couple days because we were blessed with chuva, which cooled things down tremendously! Anywho, this past Tuesday was pday da missão São Paulo Sul! WOOTWOOT!! So all little 200 of us missionaries met with President and Sister Broadbank in a beautiful park and played games, ate, and tried our best to get to know the missionaries we didn´t already know. It was pretty fantastic to be surrounded by missionaries who were so happy and ready to do the Lord´s work. Literally a pretty awesomley fantastic pday if I do say so myself! 

Besides the glorious hot weather, the rest of this week was ultimo! I had some awesome experiences and realized 2 things:
1. the Spirit speaks every language. We have a new investigator--Antonio--whom we taught the Restoration of the the gospel to and after Sister Oliveira was done with her thought, it was my turn to teach about Joseph Smith and the Restoration. I tried my best to explain what happened with my broken Portuguese and after I was finished explaining, I began to testify of how much the restoration of the gospel has helped and blessed both me and my family. As I was sharing my testimony, I felt the Spirit´s strong presence in the room. Come to find out what I had taught about the Restoration made little sense to him because he couldn´t exactly understand me BUT as I began to testify, he could feel the Spirit and knew that what I had said was true! This just testified to me that the Spirit really truly is the teacher. Without him, Antonio would be lost and confused but because the Spirit speaks EVERY language, he was able to touch Antonio´s heart through me. 

2. we can be the answer to someone´s prayer. Another one of our investigators--Joyce--had been praying constantly for help and guidance last week and one day that same week, Sister Oliveira and I were walking down the street she lived on, looking for people to talk to, when we saw Joyce and decided to talk to her. She said that as soon as we walked up and started talking to her, she knew that we were the answer to her prayer! How awesome is that?! 

On another side note, who´s ready for general conference this weekend? wootwoot! I am! I am so grateful that we have a modern day prophet that is worthy to receive
revelation from the Lord for us. I know that Thomas S. Monson is the true and living prophet on the earth today and that if we go into conference with a question in mind, it will be answered! 

I love you all so much and pray for you guys daily! Have a superbly fantastic week!! 

Sister Hilchie :)    

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