Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Otimo Semana


Alright so this week I learned so much-- spiritually wise; still working on that Portuguese. Anywho, we had zone conference with President and Sister Broadbent on Wednesday and oh man are they overflowing with wisdom! But 2 concepts I really took away from this conference are:

1. Change is a process. It requires sacrifice, determination, and a change of attitude. We have to want to change. We all have tremendous potential. There is something in each of our lives that we want to change and then something that holds us back...the word ``but.´´ ´But is a dream killer.´ I know that I find myself saying ´´I want to change this or do that BUT....´´ Don´t let ``but´´ hold you back. Go for the change. Find your potential. Every change you want to make is possible so go for it. It may be a long road and take loads of patience but it will be worth it! 

2. The Book of Mormon is awesome. The Book of Mormon is for our day. It is here to help us and can tell us what to do and how to solve problems if we search it for answers. The Book of Mormon is like our own personal GPS. As we are faithful and follow the directions carefully, we can and will find ourselves at our final destination. 

Every other day this week was a fantastic day in the mission field! We worked hard and definitely saw the blessings from it. We taught awesome, spiritually filled lessons and found so many new investigators that are really interested in the gospel. The weather was B.E.A.utiful this week--practically a perfect spring day every day! 

In addition to zone conference and a fantastic week in the field, we had the privilege of watching general conference. General conference was awesome and there were so many fantastic talks. Because we didn´t know if or where they were broadcasting it in English, I got to listen in Portuguese and try my best to understand what the prophet and apostles were saying. To my surprise I was able to pull the main idea from each talk and understand enough to take a few notes--it also helped that I could hear the speaker em English at times where the interpreter would pause for a second. I really liked what Elder Holland said about moms. I know that my mom has always been there for me and loves me with an infinite love. Moms are essential to each of our lives and therefore we should show an infinite love for them just like Christ had for his own mother, Mary, and has for each of us. I LOVE YOU MOM! Thanks for ALL you do for me and for ALWAYS telling me that you love me no matter what!!! Você é ótimo!! 

Have a wonderfully, excitement filled week!!! I love you all so much and pray for you always! 

Sister Hilchie :) 

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