Monday, May 8, 2017

Nerf Gun Ambush

Well guys, this week I gained some high powered toy guns in a box with other goodies (thanks family! and the awesome guy who delivered it!) Anyways we thought it would be a good idea to ambush the president of the branch with them, but he was too close when he opened the door, so we waited until his brother arrived. It was successful, but we started a war kkkk. We got them to calm down eventually and then we had an English class, it went very well, they speak English very well. 

For this week I will talk about how to make families stronger. An Apostle said that two things that would help strengthen the family are family prayer and family scripture study, and that these two things will help our families stay stronger. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just do a little every day. Through the small and simple things, great things can happen.
Love you guys! Let me know how it goes!!!
Elder Hilchie

The Awesome Delivery Guy (Bro Benites) and Ty's companion

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