Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Well this week we have been working a lot with the members in the branch that we are in, because they have a lot of family that aren’t members or that aren’t going to church, so we have been working with them to try and help them. And the great thing is that they can see the difference that the evangelho(gospel) of Jesus Christ has in the lives of their family and friends, there is a visible difference between people that live the evangelho of Jesus Christ and people who don’t.
And it’s because wickedness never was happiness. It only has a form of pleasure that fades away as fast as it came. But the great thing is that God knows what will make us happy, that’s why He gave us His Son, not only to teach us and show us the way, but to give the ultimate sacrifice for us, so that we can be happy, for eternity. 
Love you guys!!!!! Always be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know how everything goes!!!!!!!!!!!
Com amor
Elder Hilchie

At the mission conference

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