Thursday, May 18, 2017


Skype with Elder Hilchie!!

Well guys, I’m getting a new comp this week, and we have a mission tour with Elder Bassett.  I also had skype, which went really well, it was great to see my family!!!!! And so this week we knocked a lot of doors, had some good conversations with the people, it went well, but we met a guy who grows coffee in his backyard just for him and his son. Oh, and I went to wizard, a place where people go to learn English. While I was there, we talked about why we are in Brasil, and I was asked by one of the people if I could bear my testimony in English about Jesus Christ. It went really well, the Holy Ghost was strong, and afterwards I bore my testimony in Portuguese. It was just a really great experience for me.

But yeah, that’s the great thing about the Holy Ghost, He will testify of Jesus Christ in all languages, but you have to listen for Him, He will not come when everyone is shouting or if you are focused in something else, you have to pay attention and seek for Him if you want to feel the comfort He can give. But the great thing is that our Father in Heaven loves us, and He will come closer to us if we come closer to Him. I love all of you guys!!! Seek out the peace and comfort that God can give to you whether it be reading the scriptures, praying, or just finding a quiet moment to think about our Lord and Savior. I can promise that your week will be better if you do this!!!!! Have an awesome week!!!!!!!
com amor
Elder Hilchie

This is their Church building in Campo Belo

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