Thursday, February 2, 2017


Well guys, here in Brazil, Saturday is considered the holy day of the week, so almost everything is closed and there aren’t very many buses. But we had to take one very early in the day to go do intervistas batismal for the sisters in the district. After, for like 5-6 hours there was not going to be a bus that went to Ouro Branco, so we came up with the great idea to walk back to Ouro Branco! Yeah, it was a lot longer than I expected it to be, like 26 km(Approx 15 miles). Saw a truck get its tire blown out, that was very interesting, I don’t think he realized what was happening because he just kept on going. About a little more than halfway into our journey, a guy pulled over and offered us a ride. The people are so great down here, that’s why it’s so good here. but yeah, that’s kinda the story of the week.
I’m going to try and include a spiritual thought tambem, so, this week we had a conference thing where the schedule for the mission changed, like we can get up at 7:00am now. But there was one quote I really liked "miss no opportunity to serve your fellow man" -Elder Dallin H. Oaks. I think this is super important because everyone on Earth is literally our brothers and sisters, and if we can help them we need to. And also, when we are in the service of our fellow man, we are only in the service of our God. How great is our joy if we can help the children of God?
Love you guys, hope all of you have a fantastic week!!! Write me, I love hearing from you guys!!!
Elder Hilchie

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