Monday, February 20, 2017


Well, soccer is a very important part of the lives of the people here; and really any other reason to celebrate. Like daylight savings, apparently it is celebrated here, they have cookouts and everything. Oh, and also we have some major fans of CAM here (a soccer team), they have a lot of fireworks/explosives which they use frequently to show that they are excited (scared me the first couple of times, thought people were trying to blow up a building or something kkkk). At least that is what my comp told me. But yeah, the people here are pretty great, they just get really excited!
Spiritual thought about faith; I was reading the last pages in O Livro de Mormon(Book of Mormon)(which I finished today!) but yeah it was talking about faith, and that we need hope in order to have faith, but in order to have hope we must have charity, the pure love of Christ. It always boils down to the great two commandments, love the Lord thy God with all thy heart might mind and strength and love thy neighbor as thyself. So love is indeed the essence of all, and we must learn to love all of our brothers and sisters, whether they return that love or not. It is hard, but it is well worth it. Love you guys! Can’t wait to hear from you all!!!!
Elder Hilchie

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