Monday, February 6, 2017

Lots More Rain

It rained quite a bit this week. So much so that one day while we were walking back to the house, the sewer grates were being pushed up by the force of the water that was pretty neat. Oh, and yes there is Ouro Branco chocolate, but it is not made in Ouro Branco. It is just the name they came up for it. It was pretty good though.
Moses 4:1-3 (Pearl of Great Price) what I got from it is that Satan is trying to take away our agency through sins, like drinking, smoking, pornography, and muito mais. All these have a grande allure and have promises that they will give us joy. But it is a temporary and false joy, and causes us to have addictions to them, where we can think of nothing else but them, and this is how Satan drags us down to the abyss. BUT God knew we would fall, and that’s why He sent His son, to guide us and heal us through His everlasting Atonement, which shines even in the deepest abyss. We just need to follow it so we can return to our loving Pai Eterno and live in His love for eternity.
Love you guys!! Hope you all have a great week!!!! Let me know how everything’s going!!!
Elder Hilchie

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