Sunday, January 22, 2017


Well guys, first off I want to wish my sister good luck with the next part of her journey, I wish her the absolute best!!!
Today is transfers, and I am getting a novo companheiro, finally done with the primero 12 semanas haha. 
So, we have been teaching 2 netos(grandchildren) de uma membro, it was going really well, on date por batismo, but then the day before the batismo, the parents decided them were going to move to Belo Horizonte, and so they left... it was quite sad, but life goes on, and em no futuro, eles vai por batismo e o reino do ceu.(in their future they will be able to be baptized into the kingdom of heaven)
Well guys, I know you can have felicidade em todos as lugars e em todos os tempos(happiness in all that you do always), atraves o Expiaçao do Senhor, porque Ele sente nossos dores, afliçoes, sofrimentos, todos(because of the atonement of Jesus Christ). mas we need to turn to Him por todos, and He will make everything right, for His burden is light 
Love you guys, can’t wait to hear from you all!!!!! Wish you guys the BEST!!!!
com Amor
Elder Hilchie

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