Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Exploding Meatballs!


This week was pretty much very awesome!! We worked really hard and it really does pay off. We met some amazing people this week, and I would like to tell you about a few. 

First we have William and Erica! And guess what?! They're actually married legally!!! We met them knocking on doors and marked with them to come back this past Saturday. We went back Saturday and taught a great lesson. You could definitely feel the Spirit testifying of everything we said. It was pretty awesome! At the end of the lesson we gave them a panfleto(pamphlet) that talks about the Restoration of the gospel. As we were handing it to them, we asked if they had already questioned why there are so many churches on the earth today if there only exists one God and one faith? William said that he had and then we asked if he believed that there was one true church on the earth today. Once again he said yes and it is because of this that he left the church he was going to. You don't know how happy we were when he said this. We marked to go back this upcoming Saturday and share with them the great news that Christ's church has been restored and that today em dia we have a living profeto and 12 apóstolos that lead and guide Christ's church. I know this to be true and that there only exists one true church here on the earth today and that church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is organized the same way was when Christ was here on the earth and established His church. 

Alright secondly we have Paulo. He has about 45ish years and is separated from his wife. But he has a huge curiosidade about the church. Whenever we visit, he always has a billion and one questions for us. It's pretty awesome to see how interested he is in the church. We already gave him a Book of Mórmon, and he is starting from the very beginning and said will read until the very last word. We are pretty excited to work more with him. So when we visited him this week, we invited him to come to church with us. He said he would. Beleza. So we left and Saturday night we were walking home when we met Paulo in the street. He came up to us and told us that he was thinking whether or not he really would make a visit at the church the next day but told himself that if he saw us, he would go. Well look at that! We were literally in the right place and the perfect time. So he came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it!

Alrighty so one last thing before I go. One night this week, Sister Araujo (one of the sisters I live with) decided to fry some meatballs. So we were sitting in the kitchen waiting on the meatballs when out of know where hot oil and pieces of meat came flying at us. We jumped out of our chairs, screaming, turned off the oven, and hit behind a wall. Then a couple minutes later, bam! exploded again. So we threw the pot in the sink but that did not help at all because they exploded again haha. But this was the last time. After a while, we came out from behind the wall and there was meat and oil everywhere. We spent a good part of that night cleaning it up and decided to not fry meatballs ever again. hahaha

Well hope you all have a wonderful week!!! I love you all so much!! Keep being awesome and don't forget to smile!!

Love, Sister Hilchie :)  

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