Saturday, May 28, 2016

Conversion and Change

Sister Taffarel and Courtney


Hope you guys had a wonderful last week of school and are ready to party it up this summer (but not too much without me tá bom?!)! This week was really really busy but we were able to see a lot of miracles, which was absolutely awesome! 

We had a companion swap this week but instead of one day, it was two. At first we were a bit surprised/anxious/nervous but in the end it all worked out right and now we are stronger and better than ever! One of our sister leaders is Sister Oliveira (my first companion in the field) and it was awesome to spend the day with her again. We were actually able to communicate and understand each other without any problems or hand gestures haha. Anyways, the first day I stayed with Sister Oliveira in Mauá and on day two, I went back to Santo André and worked with Sister Ramos. Wow did a lot of things change in just one day. We now have investigators willing and ready to be baptized. I think a few of them just needed that extra push and with Sister Ramos, they got it. One of them is Paulo. 

I started to teach Paulo with Sister De Lima but only visited one time. He works a lot and is rarely in casa so it was hard to set a date to teach him so we kind of just moved on but never forgot about him (also because we see him almost every night walking home). So finally one day when I was walking in the street with Sister Taffarel, we saw him once again and finally set a date to visit him. Alright, so Paulo has heard a lot about the church and all the myths that go along with it. So when I first visited him with Sister De Lima, we taught the Restoration and gave him a Book of Mórmon.  The second time we went there, we read a bit it with him and talked about baptism but he was a bit iffy about it but said he would come to church. And guess who showed up two Sundays ago?! Paulo! He really enjoyed it and the next time I visited him, we talked more about baptism and how it is not complete if we don't receive the Holy Ghost. His attitude completely changed and now he is preparing to get baptized this Saturday! We are super excited. He had a little problem with café but after we talked with him about how it's bad for him to drink it, he literally got up, took his coffee out of the fridge (powder and all) and threw it in a grocery bag. It was amazing to see how the Lord touches the hearts of people once they know the truth and not because someone told them but because they felt it through the spirit. I know that the Spirit is key in the role of conversion. It is through him, that people change and take action like Paulo did. I am so grateful that I have this opportunity to serve my Savior and help others come closer to him and watch their lives change because of the gospel. It's so awesome!!!

Well umm that's the big news for the week. I learned so much because of this division and am excited to put it into practice to become a better missionary and be able to help my investigators melhor. I know that as we strive to change our lives and do the little things that God asks of us, that others will notice. And it is through us and the little things we do that the Lord makes the big changes. So guys keep being awesome! Don't forget to smile and have an awesome summer break!!

Love, Sister Hilchie :)   
In the apartment

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