Monday, April 18, 2016

Happy Birthday!


I hope you all are doing super fantastic! I would like to thank you all for the birthday wishes and cards! It was awesome. Really really awesome! My big day was pretty great também! We celebrated with pizza and cake and my companion and the other sisters tried to sing "happy birthday" to me in English! It was pretty funny. One of them actually knew all the words and was belting it but the others just clapped along and kind of mumbled the words haha. It made me feel so loved! 

Anyways, this week was pretty awesome for my companion and me. We are now getting into the groove of things and I'm hoping that missionary life isn't as strange for Sister Taffarel. But then again missionary life is just plain old strange anyways. You get used to one thing and then the next minute everything changes. Here in the mission, I am learning how to adapt more quickly to changes, which is awesome because life is full of surprises. But back to this we worked really hard this week and taught a lot of our investigators and found new ones too! I love sharing the gospel with everyone and letting them know the whole truth. We are so blessed as members of the Church to have the knowledge of the gospel of Cristo and all the blessings that come along with it. 

This week we met a family that is pretty stellar! We talked with the dad in the street earlier this week and marked to visit them Sunday (or yesterday) at 2:30pm. Beleza(beautiful). So after church, we had lunch with a member which lasted a little bit longer than we had thought and were running a little late. So as we were speed walking down the street, the Spirit kept telling me that we needed to visit this family whether or not we were running late. So one thing I have really learned in my mission is that you gotta follow the promptings of the Spirit. So we walked a little bit faster and guess who was waiting for us to visit? This family (consists of mom, dad, and their son who is married). So we entered and shared a message with them. It was a great lesson and marked to visit them again this week. They have a lot of faith in Jesus Cristo and want to do what He asks of them. I am super excited to visit them this week! 

I really hope that you all have a wonderfully awesome week! Love you all so much!!!!

Love, Sister Hilchie :) 

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