Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Officially Approved!


Wow it has already been another week full of all the fun things missionaries do at the CTM!! Actually this week has been a bit more exciting than every other week if you can believe it! 

Last Thursday our zone took a field trip to the police station! wootwoot! You would not believe the line-up at the police came out the building and wrapped around the sidewalk for a good distance (I´m not good at estimating distances so just trust me when I said the line was LONG)! We probably waited a good 15 minutes before we got in the doors. Anyways, we had to get our fingerprints scanned again, and the authorities checked our visas and stamped them. So I guess I have officially been welcomed and authorized by Brazil!!!! :) 

Now if you thought that was fun then you´re in for a surprise because Friday was even better! My professor took us out on the streets of São Paulo with 4 Livros de Mórmon each, and we were able to experience proselyting! It was an incredible experience! Not only was it awesome talking to real possible investigators, it was even more awesome to see some of them completely light up and seen genuinely interested in our message and o Livro de Mórmon. One guy in particular seemed a bit standoffish when we first approached him but once we handed him the LDM and started talking about Christ, his frown turned upside down, and he was smiling all around! He was asking perguntas. making comments, and seemed genuinely happy and interested! Wow proselyting was such a different and neat experience that totally made me even more anxious to get into the field. Eu sei que o Livro de Mórmon e verdadeiro e contam os palavras de Deus. Eu sei que o Livro de Mórmon vai ajuda nos com nossos problemas e perguntas as we search them diligentemente and com an open heart e mind. I am so greatful for this book in my life and for the great knowledge and wisdom it gives me each time I read it! 

Also this week--as we were walking down the street--we saw this horse drawn carriage but instead of seeing people in the carriage like you normally would, it was full of scrap wood! LOL! Okay so as I am writing this, I realize it will probably not be the least bit funny to you but to a missionary who has been out of the real world for a month, the smallest and simplest things crack me up!

Our zone went to the São Paulo temple today, and can I just say that it was absolutely stunning inside?! I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to go to the temple once a week while in the CTM and then every three months while in the field!  I am so grateful for temples and the peace and comfort I feel when within the walls. 

I love you all so so so much and pray for you daily! Have a fantastically awesome week! 

Sister Hilchie :) 

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