Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Brasil CTM

Oi Familia e Amigos!

         I am writing just to let you all know that after 27 hours of travel, I finally made it to Brasil last Wednesday! And let me just tell you, not only are the people super kind and generous, but the food is delicious and fresh and the views--breathtaking! As we flew into São Paulo, the sun was rising and man it was beyond beautiful!

        My companion is still Sister Hubert and for the most part, our district stayed together! WOOHOO!! This past week has flown by! I have just studied and learned and learned and studied some more. My professors are way good even with them only speaking Portuguese 24/7 and me only understanding half of what is being said, it is still great! I have learned so much from them! We have two new investigators, Jennifer and Luana, and have taught them every day this week and had our first TRC (last week we actually did not do a TRC; we just taught an investigator we did not know. Sorry if it caused was late and I was in a rush so I could finish packing). A real TRC is when we teach members, which is definitely what we did this week! While teaching our mock-investigators and getting to know them, I have come to love them--even though they already have the gospel in their lives in real life. I love being a missionary, even though it can be rough at times, that´s okay because it´s not going to get any easier...but it will be totally worth it!

         Today is officially my first p-day in Brazil! This morning our zone escaped the CTM to the Campinas temple. It was wonderful to do work for those who didn´t have a chance to so they can come closer to our Heavenly Father! I love the Lord´s church so much and am so grateful for its consistency no matter where you are in the world! I know that being completely devoted to the Lord for a year and a half is what I need to do right now and that through Him, nothing is impossible.

          For p-day, we also walked outside the CTM gates and toured a little bit of the city! It was awesome! When we would walk down the street, everyone was just chillin on the streets and would strike up a conversation with us as
we walked by. Brazilians are pretty sweet!
         Love you all so much and for those of you who are starting back to school, have a fantastically stellar school year! OH! One more thing--I can´t send pictures while in the CTM (for reasons unknown to me) but when I get into the field, be prepared for an overload! Love ya love ya love ya!
Love, Sister Hilchie

Find the address on the previous post : stamps to Brazil are $1.20 and packages are about $7 per pound, padded envelopes are a good way to go to send something there.

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