Monday, July 10, 2017


Well, this transfer I got a comp from Mexico, and he knows how to cook!!!!! It is quite the blessing.
Well this week we have been doing a lot of contacts with the people here, and so there is always a story to tell. And so this week we were teaching one family with an older lady that kept on trembling. She asked for a blessing and so we gave her a blessing of health. When we were at the end of the blessing, the lady stopped trembling. It was really cool to see the power of God work in this person.
And so the power of the priesthood is real, and if we are worthy of it and do everything we can to receive it, God will work miracles among us.
Love you guys!!!!! Let me know how everything goes!!!!!
com amor
Elder Hilchie

PS  What he didn't mention that we think is pretty cool - his comp played professional soccer in Mexico before his mission!! 

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