Monday, July 10, 2017

4th of July!!!

Which they do not celebrate here, but we did have pancakes and maple syrup for the district meeting, which is something very rare kkkk. But yeah, so this week everyone is playing the kite fight game (pipa) and so we encountered a kite that had been cut, and whoever gets there first is the new owner of the kite. And so guys guess who got a kite?! Which initiated a conversation with a young man who said we could teach him later.  Shortly afterwards I lost my kite, because a kid asked if he could have it, and so I am still without a kite kkkk.

But for this week I have been thinking about charity, the pure love of Christ. So, how can we be more charitable? We can find opportunities to serve one another, do general good for our neighbors and friends and family. But even if we were to give everything that we had, if our heart is not in the right place, it will all be for naught. We need to learn to love everyone, and everything will become easier. Serving will be a joy, and we will always be looking for ways to serve our fellow man, our brothers and sisters. And if we love God above all else, we will inherit eternal life.
Love you guys!!!!!! Keep me updated with everything!!!!!
com amor
Elder Hilchie

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