Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Well it has been quite windy this week, and so people were out and about flying kites. My comp explained to me that they weren’t just flying kites, they were fighting kites!!!! We watched for a little bit and saw that the kites would approach one another and try to cut the line of the other, and then people would race to get to the kite first. It was quite interesting. It appeared very fun kkkk.
And so spiritual thought: so I was reading a talk by Elder Costa (friends and investigators of the church) for a talk. And in it, there was an Elder, who before he was baptized, helped him realize that the scriptures are talking directly to him. Alma 42, whenever they could, they put his name, and it was Alma talking with his son, OR with us, about repentance. And this is a very good thing to do. I know that if we put our names in the scriptures, they will be talking to us, and we can understand better what we need to do to gain salvation.
Love you guys!!!! Hope all is well!!!! Let me know how it all goes!!!!!!
com amor
Elder Hilchie

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