Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Well guys, this week I am in a new area, which is good, lots of good people here willing to listen and help. But this week my comp, Elder Chaves(chaves is keys in Portuguese), so its very ironic because he lost our keys while we were out in the city, so we had to ask our neighbor if I could jump the wall to see if the back door was unlocked. Our neighbor let us and so I jumped the wall and thankfully the back door was unlocked and had an extra set of keys. And it we did not find the keys until the next day, but hey we found them, so all’s well that ends well! 

But always have faith in God and everything will be alright. He is always going to be there, waiting for us to ask Him for help, through every storm that we have, every trial, everything. He will not leave us or stop loving us, there is no force that can stop Him from loving us. But it is our decision if we are going to ask Him for help, because we all need it, and He is willing to give it. Love you guys!!! Let me know how everything goes!!!!!
com amor 
Elder Hilchie

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