Tuesday, April 25, 2017

General Conference (Ap 3, 2017 letter)

Well, general conference this week, it went really well, learned a lot from the apostles and prophet. Only got distracted once, at the end of the last conference, there was one guy who was sleeping with his mouth open, so my comp went over and put a cookie in his mouth. He woke up very surprised kkkk. And afterwards while we were walking home with some members, figured out the score of a soccer game, 2-0. So we had one guy with us that shouted "zero!!!" to show his excitement, and off in the distance another guy echoed the shout. Everyone is so excited about soccer here, and everyone plays really well. It is pretty cool to watch.

But what I learned from our beloved prophet Thomas S. Monson is that the Book of Mormon is very important. And it is very important that we read from its pages every day, and not just read, but study, ponder and apply in our lives. This will help us live with more joy and happiness and prepare us to live with our loving Father in Heaven. 
Love you guys, wish you all the absolute best!!! Let me know how everything goes!!!
Elder Hilchie

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