Monday, August 22, 2016

Not My Will But Thine Be Done


How's it goin?! This week passed by super-duper fast, and I can't believe that it's already Monday again! Feels like yesterday I was here in the Lan House writing to you guys....but anyways today I wanted to tell you guys about two very special people that we met this week--Carlos and Isaac. 

Carlos was a referência that a member gave to us last Sunday. That same Sunday we went there and taught him with the member (Diego). Carlos has about 23 years and lives with his two younger sisters. His mom passed away some years ago and his never got to know his dad. He started to go to a church to find some answers, to feel at peace with everything that happened in his life but wasn't finding answers to all his questions. But now that we are there visiting him, he asks tons of questions because he has enough confidence that we will be able to answer them. So far we have had answers to every single one and this is just amazing. Truly the gospel has the respostas(answers) to qualquer(any) question that we may have. It's been really cool to see this as we have been teaching him. After we visited him on Sunday, we visited him two more days before he went to church Sunday. The last time we visited him, we asked him how he felt about being baptized on the dia 3rd of Setembro (in an earlier we have invited him to be baptized and then pray about it) and he said that he will! He is super excited and loving when we go there to teach. He says that he feels lighter and the pressures of world seem to be smaller. He came to church Sunday and Diego stayed with him all three horas, and at the end said that he loved it! When church was done, the choir stayed behind do practice a bit and Carlos asked if he could stay and watch. He did and as they were singing, he began to feel the spirit so strongly that he started to cry. It was a very touching moment for us all. 

Isaac we met while leaving one of the houses of our investigator. He was counting beans when we stopped to talk to him. We taught him in the moment and talked about the Trinidade and baptism. It was a great lesson and at the end we invited him to be baptized on the 3rd of Setembro também. He said he would pray about it and read the pamphlet that we left with him that talks about the gospel of Jesus Cristo. When we went back the other day, before we even started to talk, he said that he read and prayed and feels that this is the caminho(change) he needs to follow and is excited to learn more!! We taught about the restoration and at the end, said that it all made sense, which it really does when you stop to think about it. He too went to church Sunday and loved it! In the principles of the gospel class, he kept answering all the questions and at the end volunteered to say the prayer! We are super excited to work with him and so grateful for our Father in Heaven for leading us to him. He has 28 years and lives with his mom and two daughters. 

This week we also had Zone Conference with was awesome!!!! We talked and learned a lot about how we can been the best missionary possível. One thing that I am really learning here and that hit me in the conference, is that the Lord's will is a lot simpler and better to follow. It's the smart thing to do submit to His will and not your own. Things just seem to work out so much better and we end up being a whole lot happier. I am so grateful for Presidente Broadbent and all the advice he has to give to us. He really is a man inspired by God. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve my Savior and for everything I am learning here with everyone that I am around each and every single day. I know without doubt that this gospel is true and can change lives. I love it so much!!!!!

I hope you all have a super fantastic week!! Love you all!!! 

Sister Hilchie :)  

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