Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Follow the Spirit...He knows the way!


Hope you all had a fantastic summer and are all adjusting back to school life. My week was pretty awesome and we met a lot of awesome people that I would like to tell you all about. But first let me introduce you all to my new companion: her name is Sister Lima. She is from Sergipe, Brasil and is the youngest of three. Her two older brothers are already married and have kids. She already lived here in São Paulo and it was here that her family became part of the church. She has 8 anos at the time so she practically grew up in the church (kind of...). She is a bride to be and her fiancé is serving in São Paulo Interlagos (the neighboring mission) but she is not focused on this, which is great! She is super sweet and loves to talk so we are getting along just fine. She, along with all my other companions, are helping me get out of my shell and be more out there kkk! She is the best! She also served a mini mission where she lives for 6 weeks before sending out her mission papers and learned a lot, which she is now putting into practice with me and our investigators. I am super excited for this transfer we will have together.

This week was full of experiences that really strengthened my testimony about following the spirit. Do you all remember Gabriel?? It's been a while since I've talked about him but he was the one who bore his testimony on fast Sunday and ever since this moment, everyone has been asking if we had gone back to visit him. Well it's a bit complicated to catch him at home because he works and studies and is practically never home but that changed this week. We were planning the other night and writing down all the people that we were going to visit the next day when the thought came into my mind, visit Gabriel at 3 o´clock. I didn't think much about it because I was almost 100% sure that he wouldn't be home so we put someone else in there instead. But then again the same thought came into my head, almost like a voice, and I put his name down on the paper and decided that if we had time, we would try to visit him. We went to bed and the next day during study time, I couldn't stop thinking about Gabriel and visiting him at 3pm. I then knew that this was something we had to do. So after lunch and visiting someone beforehand, we knocked on his door and guess who was home?! Gabriel!!! Wow! We talked to him for a while but he was home alone so we marked to come back another day with a member. As we were walking away, I thought back on the night before and how Heavenly Father was really trying to communicate with me. He knew that Gabriel would be home. I didn't but He did. I know that Heavenly Father really does talk with and guides us through His Holy Spirit. The Holy Ghost can be a huge guide in our lives as we listen and do what He prompts. 

Later this week, we were walking down the street trying to find a home when we ran into someone with whom I had already talked to a little while ago. The thought came into my head, visit her. This time I was going to listen the first time so we stopped to talk to her, and asked if she was going home and if we could visit her. She said yes so off we went. She (Cristina) lives with her dad (Claudio) and as we started to talk to them, he said that he had always seen the church and the other day thought that he needed to and was going to pay a visit. And lookie there! The next day we were there talking about the church! We left a very special message with them and afterwards invited them to come to church with us. He said he would be there because he was planning to pay a visit anyways and we got super excited! But due to family problems that came up Saturday, they weren't able to come to church yesterday....but tudo vai dar certo! 

We also have another investigator named Antonio who has already been to church three times in a row. We works nonstop throughout the semana so it's only domingo that we are able to visit him. So yesterday we went there with the ward mission leader, Gustavo, to share a message with him. We asked what he thought about church and everything and he said he was loving it. He is looking for a church to belong to and so far, it's looking real good to be the Church of Jesus Cristo. He said he feels really good at church and can feel his life changing ever since he's been coming. Ah it was awesome to hear this and we are super excited to work with him even more so that he can become a part of Christ's church! 

That's about all for this week! Have a super awesome week!! Love you all!!!

Sister Hilchie :)   

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