Saturday, July 30, 2016

Happy Happy Day!!


Courtney and Sis Curcino at the Temple
How's it goin? Hope you all are happy happy happy because I sure am! I am loving Parque Bristol and the people here more and more each day. And this week was just fantastic! We started off by going to the temple Tuesday! Ah I love the temple! Sister Curcino and I were so super excited to be able to go this week to charge our spiritual battery. You feel so peaceful inside the templo and it seems like everything is peaches and cream. Nothing is on your mind, worrying you but you get to just sit there, listen, and feel the spirit so's the best place in the world! We saw old companions and what a sweet reunion that was! There were a few tears shed but they were happy tears so it's all good! Man I am so grateful for all the people I have met, all the companions I have had that have now become such a huge part in my life. It's amazing. 

Later this week, we visited Reneane. I don't know if I've already talked about her so I will now. Before I got here, the sisters had already taught her a number of times. She has about 22 years and lives with her "husband" and two kids--Michael (3 years) e Julia (1.5 years)--and was literally waiting to hear the gospel. The sisters found her while trying to find someone else and has been history ever since. She is at church every Sunday and when he isn't working, is there too. And they are going to get married in about a month!!!!!!! They have already started the process with the help of the bishop and are planning this grand festa at the church. We are so excited for them! But anyways, this week we passed by and talked with Reneane to see how things were going. She said that they are starting to read the Book of Mórmon as a family and have family prayer. She said that due to this, she and Anderson (her husband) have become a lot closer. She even can't remember the last time they fought. They have also already stopped drinking café (which was huge) and said that now they have more energy to play with the kids and feel more awake and alive! It was awesome to hear all this and to know that the gospel of Jesus Cristo is really changing their lives. Bringing more happiness and peace in their lives. I know that the gospel of Jesus Cristo changes lives just like it's changing the lives of Reneane and her family. You will see miracles take place as you live it fully. The gospel is really for families. I know this to be true. To help families become mais unidas (more united) in this world that is so difficult. I am so grateful for the gospel in my life and that now I have the oportunidade to share it with everyone!!! 

And Friday we picked up Sister Curcino's visa!!!!!!!! Ah we are both so super excited for her to serve in temple square. I don't want her to leave but I know that the Lord called her there and she will have tons of work to do. Once we picked it up, we couldn't stop looking at it. I think maybe we still couldn't believe that it had been approved. Ahhh it's so exciting!!! 

This week I have been reading in Ether and read chapter 12 that talks a whole bunch about fé.(faith) Wow did I learn a lot. I learned that the Lord is always there ready and willing to help with anything and everything but first we need to believe that it can happen. We need to really act in our faith. Believe that all things are possible with the Lord's help. If we doubt, the help or answer we are searching will not come. Faith will help us go far in life. Faith will help us overcome obstacles we never thought were possible. Faith will help us see light in the darkness. Faith gives us hope. We just need to believe and go for it. I am learning and practicing this a lot here in the mission, and just strengthens my testimony every time that I truly have someone all powerful, my Heavenly Father, who is really looking out for me and there to help me every step of the way. 

You all are awesome! Thanks for all your support and love! Love you all so much!! Until next week! 

Love, Sister Hilchie :)

p.s. this Friday I will complete ONE YEAR in the mission!!!! CRAZY!   

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