Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Festa Junina!


Whazzzup?! Hope you all had a terrific 4th of July! We didn't do much here to celebrate....just dressed in red, white, and blue and my district said "Congrats! Happy Independence day!" and that was about it. But this Saturday, the elder's ward had a festa junina and we were invited so or course we went! Festa Junina reminds me a lot of home. It's like Old Fashion Day we had in elementary school way back when. Everyone was dressed in cowboy hats, checkered shirts, jeans, and boots. There were a lot of little girls dressed in the pioneerish dresses with French braids or pigtails. They had all the old timey games like toss the ring on the coke bottle, toss the sack in the holes in the wooden board (forgot the name of this game) and even square danced! And had all the good food but brasileiro style. It was awesome! Really brought me back home. 

But anyways, we worked a lot with a family that we met the end of last week--Elisangela (mom), Luciano (15 years), e Kaio (12 years). It has only been a little over a week that they have moved here to Parque Bristol so they don't know anyone and hardly know where the supermarket is. This was great for us because we were able to introduce them to the church and the members. So this week we visited them with the presidente of the sociedade de socorro and rapazes(Relief Society President). When we were there with the Relief Society presidente, she found out what all she was needing and invited her to come to an activity Saturday and then church on Sunday. Afterwards, Elisangela got real excited about coming to church because she already had someone she would know there. The next day, we went with Marcelo (presidente of the young men) and man did he get the boys all pumped up. Luciano and Kaio love to play soccer but haven't been able to get out and play yet because they don't know anyone but now they do! So later that week, on Sunday after church, we were walking home with them and asked what they thought. Elisangela said she really liked the activity Saturday and going to church também! The boys said they had a blast getting to know the other young men and playing a little soccer with them. We are working really hard with this family to get them fully involved in the church. And with the help of the members, it makes things a lot better. 

OH! A little update on my companion.....HER VISA IS FINALLY READY! She is super excited but has to do a couple of interviews beforehand so her date to leave for Provo is the 9th of Agosto. So we will be together for the rest of this transfer! Ah! I am so excited for her! 

That's all for now guys. Have a wonderful week! Love you all so much! 

Sister Hilchie :)     

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